Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Sapphire Cykelbriller

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Sapphire Cykelbriller
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The Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Sapphire are great cycling glasses for performance cycling enthusiasts. For this Jawbreaker, the focus was on the cyclist’s view through the lens. This, combined with a snug fit, ventilation and the best protection results in Oakley’s Field of View. This provides you with an immense, uninterrupted field of view. Of course, such a large field of view doesn’t mean much without a proper lens.

That’s where the Jawbreaker’s lens variant comes in: the Prizm Sapphire. This Sapphire lens is meant for bright sunlight. This gives it a light transmittance 12%. The glasses have a mellow grey look on the inside, combined with a blue shiny look on the outside. The Jawbreaker Prizm Sapphire lens is an ideal lens for cyclists cycling in bright sunlight and preferring neutral vision, but still want a hip lens colour.



The Switchlock system ensures the lens is quicker and easier to switch out!


HDO stands for High Definition Optics, which in turn refers to the curvature of the lens itself. This curvature matches the natural curve of your eyes, ensuring you’ve always got a crystal clear and distortion-free view.

Field of View

Special optimised lens for cycling. The largest challenge was creating a lens that has a certain shape and size without the frame obstructing your view. This turned out to be a challenge, because during cycling you often have your head angled down, while you are looking up. With this lens Oakley offers a field of view that is as large as necessary without blind spots.

Impact Protection

Owing to decades of innovation, Oakley Performance glasses offer an incredible level of no-compromise protection against high speed impacts and heavy impacts. The protection comes from the use of high-grade materials and the unique Oakley lens/frame design combination.

Fit & Protection

A snug fit means better results and protection. Combining the flexible and durable O-Matter material with Plutonite lenses guarantee maximum protection in all circumstances.


Impact resistant frame material that can handle the most extreme of conditions. This material is super light but incredibly durable. Controlled flexibility increases the impact resistance and also helps improve everyday comfort.


Thanks to the special “surge” ports, the air is channelled over the lenses to prevent them from fogging up. This way the Jawbreaker better meets the ventilation needs of its users.

Adjustable Temple Lengths

Thanks to the adjustable temple lengths, the Jawbreaker has three settings for the best fit.

Plutonite Lens Material

One of the most optically pure materials used in modern glasses. The material ensures a clear view of what’s ahead and is capable of withstanding almost any impact. The lens filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light frequencies up to 400 nm. There’s no separate coating on the lens. Rather, the lens itself is what offers protection from UV rays.

Prizm lens

The Special Prizm lenses provide an unprecedented regulated light transmittance, resulting in an improved colour contrast and improved visibility of objects.

Produktet indeholder

• Oakley Jawbreaker cycling glasses
• Oakley Prizm Sapphire lens
• Glasses case
• Glasses pouch
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