XLC Remkabel 4000mm Bromsvajer

XLC Remkabel 4000mm Bromsvajer
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  • Safe and Durable: With a diameter of 1.5 mm and composed of 19 threads, this brake cable offers a sturdy and reliable braking experience.
  • The cable features 2 nipples, contributing to a wide range of applications and compatibility with different bike models.
  • Weighing just 46g, it adds no noticeable load to your riding experience.



4000 mm



The heart of a safe cycling experience often lies in details we don't always think about, like a reliable brake cable. Meet the XLC Brake Cable of a whopping 4000mm long, designed to give you not only a safe, but also a smooth bike ride, whatever the terrain.

Worried about weather-related wear and tear? No worries! XLC ensures a sturdy build that can withstand various weather conditions, so you can always rely on your brakes.

Combining high quality, durability and reliable performance, the XLC Brake Cable 4000 mm is at the forefront of providing you with a safe and consistent braking experience during all your cycling adventures.


• 4000 mm
• 19 Threads

You may be wondering: what exactly does it mean when we say that the brake cable is "19 wire"?

When we talk about a "19 wire" brake cable, we are actually talking about the small building blocks that make up the cable. Imagine that each of those 19 wires is a small but powerful member of a team. Bundled together, they form one super strong, flexible and durable brake cable!

Strength to count on:
Even if one wire gets in trouble, the other 18 take over, keeping your cable working when you need it to!
Being made of many thin wires, the cable can easily bend and move without losing its strength, making your brakes work smoothly and smoothly.
Long life cable:
Thanks to this construction, your cable is more resistant to wear and tear and external factors, allowing you to enjoy it for longer.
Weather and wind resistant:
19 wires together are better able to resist things like rust and corrosion, especially in those muddy and wet riding conditions!

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