Mavic's road bike wheels and MTB wheels can be recognised by their striking yellow details. By upgrading the standard wheels in your MTB or road bike with a set of Mavic wheels, you can give your bike a big boost. For road bikes, stiff and lightweight carbon wheels allow to go much faster on mountainous courses. For MTBs, a set of rock-solid and strong mountain bike wheels will make even the most challenging downhill track a breeze.

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This French brand has been producing high-quality wheels for quite some time. Cyclists swear by Mavic wheels for the nostalgia, the looks and the performance. Mavic has stayed true to their yellow brand colour which can be found on almost every product.

But Mavic is more than wheels. Shoes, clothing and various accessories can also be recognized by many cyclists - the characteristic Mavic yellow is always easy to spot.


Mavic offers a wide selection of wheels. From entry-level to high-end wheelsets, the French know how to amaze us time and time again. From wheels for training to the stiffest and lightest carbon racing wheelset, you'll always look good. Mavic is known for a beautiful design, which is why so many stay true to this brand.


In addition to the wheels, Mavic cycle wear. Completely yellow shoes, socks, clothing and accessories are part of their arsenal. They have now (partly) dared to let go of the yellow, so that in some cases it is only woven into the clothing in detail.

Mantel's collection

At Mantel, Mavic is still a front runner. Many of their products can be found in our range, but their wheels still dominate.