Lezyne Infinite Light Power Pack

Lezyne Infinite Light Power Pack
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Extends the battery life of compatible Lezyne LED units.
  • Compact and versatile design that can be quickly and securely mounted on handlebars and frames.
  • Integrated cable for direct connection to lighting systems.
  • Only compatible with certain Lezyne LED units.






Lezyne's portable power pack is a versatile addition to your bike lighting system. Weighing 190.5g and measuring 103.5mm x 43.2mm x 38.3mm, it is compact enough to quickly and securely attach to handlebars and frames. It serves not only as an extension for the useful life of your Lezyne LED units but also as a backup USB charger for other compatible devices. The Lezyne Infinite Light Power Pack combines an integrated cable, an impressive capacity of 20 Wh and a generous battery capacity of 6600 mAh. This makes it an extremely practical and reliable choice for long bike rides.

With an integrated extra-long cable of 958mm / 39-inches, it offers easy direct connection via a waterproof USB-C connector, ensuring your electronics stay safe and dry even in the worst weather conditions.
With the Infinite Light Power Pack+ by your side, night turns into day, illuminating every ride with reliable, long-lasting energy. Fearlessly explore new trails, take that extra loop, and always stay connected, no matter where your adventure takes you.


23 Wh (Watt hours):
Think of this as the total "energy supply" of the power pack. It is enough to power a light that consumes 1 watt for 23 hours. Or a light that consumes 23 watts can run for 1 hour.

6600 mAh (milliamp-hour):
This tells us how much "power" the power pack can deliver before it runs out of power. The higher this number, the longer your devices can generally last before the power pack is empty.

With this power pack, you can keep bike lights on longer or charge your phone a few times before having to recharge the power pack itself. Handy for long bike rides where you don't want to run out of lights or phone!


• Lezyne Headlights and taillights.
• Not compatible with all Lezyne products.

Mega Drive 2400+, Super Drive 1800+, Macro Drive 1400+, Lite Drive 1200+, Micro Drive Pro 1000+, Micro Drive 800+, Classic Drive XL 700+, Classic Drive 500+, Fusion Drive Pro 600+, Fusion Drive 500+, Zecto Drive 250+, KTV Drive Pro 300+


Designed with ease of use in mind, the power pack can be quickly and safely mounted on different types of handlebars and frames. The integrated cable ensures neat and uncomplicated installation. A 14-inch cable with adjustable Velcro strap is included for additional mounting flexibility.
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