Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Road Bike Wheels

Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Road Bike Wheels
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • The hardened brake surface will wear out less quickly than a non-hardened brake track.
  • The hardened brake track ensures high levels of stopping power.
  • The wheels are lightweight despite the wide rims.
  • The ceramic USB bearings run extremely smoothly.
  • The black brake track will eventually lose its colour due to wear.
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Brand Fulcrum
Weight (weighted by Mantel) 1506 grams
Type Set
Brake Type Rim brake
Rim Material Aluminium
Collection 2020
Tyre Type Clincher
Maximum Rider Weight 109 kg
Bearing Type Cup-Conus
All specifications



The Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite C17 wheels meet all the latest trends and are something special to behold. The C17 refers to the wider inner rim width which allows the tyre to sit on the rim better. This improved size allows for lower rolling resistance, improved aerodynamics, and more grip. The spokes are made from aluminium which lowers the overall weight considerably. The low weight allows you to accelerate harder or climb faster with these wheels.
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Delivery includes

• Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite C17
• Cassette ring 10 speed
• Fulcrum Quick releases
• PEO brake pads



7 / 10

Joao, 8 April 2019

Great Wheels, but

These wheels are really great, stiff and ligth, great for climbing, ths hubs are silent and seem to "roll-for-ever", and look awsome on my grey bike, but... the dark brake track wears out too easy if you use it on wet conditions specially if some sand and debris gets to to brake pads. So be carefull not to use it in the rain. That's why there a 7 and not 10.


  • Breaking
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Great looks
  • Light & stiff


  • Brake track wears out easy in wet/debri conditions

6 / 10

Daniel, 30 July 2020

Heel goed, maar toch...

Over de prestaties niets dan goeds. Het zijn heerlijke wielen die de reputatie meer dan waar maken. Toch vallen ze tegen. De speciale coating - die de wielen er niet alleen slick uit doen zien maar beweerdelijk ook extra remkracht geven - slijt echt te snel. Simpel voorbeeld: als je tijdens de rit wordt overvallen door een gemiddelde bui ben je er zal zeker van dat je coating beschadigd is. Daar wil je niet extra voor betalen. Daarom ondanks de geweldige rijkwaliteit toch teleurgesteld.


  • Overall rijkwaliteit


  • Zeer matige kwaliteit van de speciale zcoating

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Weight (weighted by Mantel) 1506 grams 1578 grams
Type Set Set Set Set
Brake Type Rim brake Rim brake Rim brake Rim brake
Rim Material Aluminium Aluminium Carbon Carbon
Collection 2020 2020 2020 2020
Tyre Type Clincher Clincher Clincher Clincher / Tubeless
889.00 829.00 969.00 639.00
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All specifications

Brand Fulcrum
Weight (weighted by Mantel)
1506 grams
Brake Type
Rim brake
Rim Material
Tyre Type
Maximum Rider Weight
109 kg
Bearing Type
Rim Depth
27mm / 30mm
Rim Width
22.5 mm
Rim Width (internal)
17 mm
Recommended tyre width
23 mm / 25 mm / 28 mm / 30 mm / 32 mm / 35 mm / 37 mm / 40 mm / 42 mm / 47 mm / 50 mm
Number of spokes in front wheel
Number of spokes in rear wheel
Nipple Type
Nipple Material
Spoke Type
Straight Pull
Spoke Material
Brake Surface Material
Brake pads included
Quick Releases included
2 years
Extended warranty
Crash Replacement
Built-in width front hub
100 x 5 mm QR
Built-in width rear hub
130 x 5 mm QR
Decal Colour

Detailed product description

The concept is both simple and elegant: balance the wheel by placing a small weight opposite of the valve.

Fulcrum has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing extremely high-quality hub systems when it comes to smoothness and reliability.

In fact, all development and production is done in-house to ensure maximum levels of precision.

The hubs fitted with USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings provide a clear-cut advantage for wheels used in road racing and triathlons, as they offer lower mechanical drag inside the hubs, reduce the overall weight, and increase durability.

When you apply pressure to the pedals, this force will be transferred all the way to the spokes in an attempt to turn the wheel. The last thing you’d want is to lose power along the way! Fulcrum has ensured your power can go where it’s supposed to with the patented 2:1 Two-to-One spoke pattern, which entails doubling the amount of spokes on the critical drive side.

A system with which you replace the spoke nipples using a magnet. This is required as there are no spoke holes on the outside of the rim.

This new system takes lacing the wheels to a whole new level. The engineers at Fulcrum have altered the spoke and hub design to create an even more rigid construction. The results:

• Spokes never lose their lateral rigidity and therefore will remain perfectly centred.
• The tested position created in the windtunnel can be maintained which maximises aerodynamic efficiency.

A process developed several decades ago in Russian laboratories. The process creates a harder, more durable brake surface. On top of that, it looks fantastic with its sleek, black finish.

Manufacturer specifications

Type of tyre: clincher
Tyre size: 28 inch

Rim material: aluminium
Rim depth: 27 mm front, 30 mm rear
Rim width: 22.5, ETRTO 17C
Recommended tyre width: 25 to 32 mm

Number of spokes front: 16
Number of spokes rear: 21 (7 left, 14 right), Two-to-One spoke pattern
Spoke material: aluminium
Spoke profile: aero, straight pull
Nipples: aluminium

Front hub: carbon, aluminium flanges
Rear hub, aluminium, aluminium flanges
Bearings: USB ceramic hubs, adjustable cup-cone system