BORN sports nutrition was developed with top athletes to get the most out of themselves. The Born sports bars contain a good ratio of fast and slow carbohydrates to provide you with energy from the first bite. The Born gels are absorbed by your blood very quickly and often contain extra minerals for better performance. Born sports drinks allow you to create your own ideal mix for a vigorous workout or a long endurance ride. Do you want to get the most out of your training? Then go for Born sports nutrition! 

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BORN Recovery Shake
RRP 25.67

BORN Iso Pro
RRP 16.64

BORN Xtra Bar
RRP 2.71

BORN Drink
From 11.23
RRP 14.39

BORN Energy Super Gel Box
RRP 46.55

BORN Recovery Relax
RRP 12.71

BORN Energy
From 11.23
RRP 16.64

BORN Block Energy2Go
RRP 7.33

BORN Flapjack Bar
RRP 2.50

BORN Magnesium Liquid
From 1.57
RRP 1.96

BORN Wash Lotion
RRP 6.61

BORN Care Pack
RRP 27.29

BORN Awake Shower
RRP 6.05

BORN Warm Up
RRP 12.71

Solution for versatile athlete

Born offers a wide range of products for the fanatical athlete who demands a lot from his body. Anyone who does a lot of sport has to eat well. This can be before, during and after exercise. Born offers a wide range of products that are tailored to these needs.

Born nutrition

In the area of nutrition Born has a complete range, which was developed on the basis of findings from top athletes. By taking their advice to heart, the best products are produced in the most practical packaging. This provides you as an athlete with all the convenience and necessary nutrients to give everything during training or competition.

Born care

With the Born care products you are always prepared for training or competition. The right massage oil, warm oil, etc. ensure that you can start fresh and have that extra edge on the rest. After exercise there are products for showering or recovering, so you can immediately work towards your next effort.

Mantle range

At Mantel you will find products for the demanding and complete sportsman. From ingredients for shakes in preparation to gels and bars for during exercise, we have it for you. Never again will you run short during your workout with the various Born nutrition and care products.