Giro Aerohead MIPS Helmet

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  • Trustpilot review 9.4 out of 52.753 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • This road bike helmet offers a superb combination of aerodynamica and cooling properties.
  • Its polycarbonate shell and MIPS technology ensure good protection.
  • The Wind Tunnel ventilation and internal ducts keeps your head nice and cool.
  • MIPS significantly reduces the shock to your head in the event of a fall, providing extra safety.
  • The ZEISS visor offers a large field of vision with unparalleled clarity.
  • Even with improved ventilation it cools less than a regular helmet.
  • No case is included to store the helmet.
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Brand Giro
Including VisorYes
Model Year 2019
Ventilation ★☆☆
Road Helmet Type Aero helmet
Weight 492 grams
Extra protection Yes MIPS


The Giro Aerohead MIPS is the ideal road bike helmet for time trialists and triathletes looking for a perfect combination between aerodynamics and cooling power. This particular time trial helmet resembles its more expensive brother, the Ultimate MIPS. However, the Aerohead MIPS offers extra ventilation and cooling power in warm conditions.

Polycarbonate shell and MIPS protection.
This bicycle helmet consists of a polycarbonate shell with an EPS lining on the inside. In addition, the MIPS system has been added on the inside for extra protection. As a result, lateral and rotational forces, which occur in the event of a fall, can be better absorbed. The positive effect of having MIPS is that the chance of brain damage is reduced significantly.Moreover, the shape of this racing bike helmet of course guarantees optimal aerodynamic performance.

The Wind Tunnel ventilation and internal ducting keeps your head cool
On hot days it is very nice if a bicycle helmet doesn't get too hot. To cater to this, the Aerohead MIPS is equipped with 4 Wind Tunnel vents and internal channelisation. The cooling airflow enters through openings at the front. The cool air is then guided through the ducts to the ventilation ports. In short, you won't get overheated.

The ZEISS eye shield offers an impressive field of vision
During a time trial or triathlon you need a clear view. For this reason, this road bike helmet is equipped with a ZEISS eye shield. Thanks to this new design, you will experience an impressive and large field of vision with unparalleled clarity. Because of the magnetic mount the eye shield is securely attached to the time trial helmet, while stil being able to easily remove and store.

The Roc Loc® Air system ensures a perfect fit.
A bicycle helmet must have a good fit, otherwise it may shift and hereby reducing its protective abilities. Thanks to the Roc Loc® Air system, the Aerohead Mip's fit can be adjusted to suit your needs. As a result, this road bike helmet fits snugly and comfortably on your head.

With the Giro Aerohead MIPS you keep your head cool during time trials and triathlons, while the competition is starting top heat up a notch

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Delivery includes

• Giro Aerohead MIPS helmet
• User manual
• ZEISS Eye Shield lens

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Road Helmet Type Aero helmet All-round helmet All-round helmet All-round helmet
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9.4 / 10 Average from 41 reviews | Write a review

9.4 / 10

41 reviews


  • Very aero (3)
  • Price (2)
  • Aero (2)
  • Comfortable (2)


  • Comes with no case (1)
  • Only 1 visor (1)
  • Expensive visor (1)
  • Carrying case is extra (1)

Most recent reviews

10 / 10

Jeanette, 25 November 2019

practical, excellent fit, stylish

Cant fault it, excellent fit and stylish, colour and style as advertised, well packaged and quick delivery.


  • good fit
  • style
  • colour
  • safety

10 / 10

Alun, 7 October 2019

Great product and a great service

The best price on the market for a giro aerohead coupled with great service. Highly recommended. Thank you.


  • Price
  • Customer service
  • Quality
  • Timely delivery

10 / 10

Robert, 30 July 2019

Top service

Ordered on Sunday delivered on Tuesday from netherlands to the uk. Top service would definitely use again


  • very comfortable
  • Very aero
  • Pro feel
  • Good quality


  • Comes with no case

10 / 10

Andreas, 15 July 2019

Very good product at a super good price!

Have tried a few helmets but this one is by far the best value for money. Very good fit, style and functionality

10 / 10

Enda, 5 July 2019

Excellent value delivered within 2 days

Quality product at least 100 euro cheaper than anyone else. Arrived quickly in post. 2 days. Better than expected

All specifications

Detailed product description

MIPS System:
The MIPS system is a low-friction layer between the EPS core and the padding, which uses an array of elasticated attachments. This allows the helmet to move slightly during a crash (rotate and slide) in relation to your head, thereby absorbing more of the forces caused by said crash. This additional movement is an improvement over the regular helmets, as they only absorb the forces of an impact by compressing the EPS core.

Roc Loc Air Fit:
The Giro Roc Loc Air system is specially designed for the Giro Aero helmet. The new system enables the helmet to float just above the head, creating an air flow over your head for good ventilation. Just as with the Roc Loc®5 system the helmet is easy to adjust, the tension and the vertical position can be adjusted with one hand. With this system Giro sets a new standard for ventilation and ease of use.

In-Mold Construction:
The In-Mold Construction combines a strong polycarbonate outer shell with
shock absorbing helmet padding. Thanks to the fusion process it’s possible to sculpt a better ventilation system, so In-Mold helmets are both lighter and cooler than most traditional helmets.

Wind Tunnel Ventilation:
Giro helmets feature the Giro Wind Tunnel ventilation system. This system combines active vents with internal exhaust ports. This combination of in- and outlets creates a cooling airflow around and over the rider’s head, while forcing out the warm and stale air. The design of these air channels turns out to be a huge success: riders were incredibly enthusiastic and noticed an actual airflow around their head, which resulted in better cooling.

Manufacturer specifications

• Polycarbonate shell with EPS lining
• Over-brow ventilation and 4 Wind Tunnel ™ -ports with internal channelisation
• ZEISS® Optics wrap-around eye shield, with magnetic attachments
• Roc Loc® Air fit system
• Hydrophilic, anti-microbial brow pad
• MIPS – Multi-Directional Impact Protection System