SKS is known for its high quality mudguards and bicycle pumps. In both categories SKS supplies top-of-the-line products that won't disappoint. SKS gives no less than 5 years of warranty on all their products. So whether you want to inflate your tyre with extreme precision or want protection against splashing water and mud, SKS is the way to go.
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SKS Raceblade Pro XL Mudguard Set

RRP 40.65
Our choice for a mudguard set for cyclocrossers, gravel bikes and road bikes

SKS S-Guard Rear Mudguard

From 10.15
Our choice for a rear mudguard for the saddle

SKS X-tra-Dry & Mud-X Mudguard Set

RRP 20.32
Our choice for a mudguard set for the mountain bike

SKS Chainblade Chain Guard

RRP 20.32

SKS X-Blade Rear Mudguard

RRP 25.40
From 23.33

SKS Mudrocker Rear Mudguard

RRP 35.57
From 28.41

SKS Flap Guard Front

RRP 10.15

SKS Raceday Hand Pump

RRP 18.29