Sidi Shot Road Cycling Shoes

Sidi Shot Road Cycling Shoes
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This year's Tour de France winner is crazy about these shoes and had the privilege of being the first to try them out. The Sidi Shot shoes share many properties which make the Wire such a great shoe. The base of the Sidi Shot is the Vent Carbon sole. This sole is hand-made and uses solely carbon fibre in which different threads have been woven in an interlaced pattern. For optimal ventilation and cooling, internal air flow channels have been integrated into the sole.

Unique to the Sidi Shot is the placement of the Techno-3 retention system; it's located on top of the shoe. This has both practical and aerodynamic advantages; the shoes are easier to adjust on the go. Techno-3 is a reliable and completely replaceable retention system, and has now been further improved with a new wire which allows you to adjust the fit even quicker and easier.

User tips

Detailed explanation of sizing in mm
In order to help you, as best we can, to choose the right size shoe we have measured all the shoes ourselves. All that's left for you to do is measure your own foot length, and we'll tell you which shoe size per brand suits you best. Does your foot length in mm not appear on the relevant product's page? Then that particular shoe is not available in a size that suits your foot length.

You can easily measure your foot length using an A4 sheet of paper, placed on the floor against a wall. Stand with one foot on the piece of paper, with your heel against the wall. Draw a line above your big toe (or above the index toe if that is longer). Now mark your other foot on the paper in the same way. Measure both - the measurement of your longest foot is your foot length in mm's! Please note: some manufacturers have their own measuring system, and as a result what appears on the shoebox can deviate from what we have measured.

What shoe size you need can differ per brand. This is because certain brands wear larger or smaller. To help you get the perfect fit, we've also classified the shoes as narrow, average, or wide fit. Read all about it in our blog!
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5 / 5

Ich bin sehr zufrieden

- Pawel 12 March 2021

Über die Qualität von SIDI Schuhen brauche ich nicht mehr zur schreiben, wie immer super. Aber nicht vergessen bei Bestellung immer ein Nummer größer nehmen. Versand nach Berlin - von Bestellung bis Empfang 2 Tage - Superschnell. Den Händler kann mann nur empfehlen. Danke

Pros & Cons

Sohle: Vent Carbon
Verschluss: Double Tecno-3 Push System

5 / 5

Licht soepel en snel

- John 14 January 2021

5 / 5

Confort et performance au top !

- Yohann 6 January 2021

Chaussure légère et ultra confortables avec la possibilité de régler le volet d'entrée d'air, le serrage au plus juste sur le dessus du pied et au niveau du talon. La chaussure ne fait plus qu'un avec le pied ! Puissance transférée au maximum à chaque coup de pédale. Et comme toujours, rapidité et qualité de l'envoi par MANTEL....super ravi !

Pros & Cons

bonne transmission de la puissance
réglages multiples

5 / 5

Eleganza, stile e qualita’.

- Davide BARDI 12 January 2019

Sidi garanzia di qualità ed affidabilità nel tempo ai massimi livelli, esteticamente stupende.

Pros & Cons

Difficile trovare aspetti negativi.

5 / 5

Uitstekend zittende schoen

- Gerard 24 December 2018

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Pedal type 3-point mount 3-point mount 3-point mount 3-point mount
Shoe Width Medium / Narrow Wide / Medium / Narrow Wide / Medium / Narrow Medium
Type of closure Dial Dial Dial Dial
Sole Stiffness Rigid Moderate Rigid Rigid
What is your foot length in mm? 257 mm / 263 mm / 269 mm / 276 mm / 282 mm / 288 mm 257 mm / 263 mm / 269 mm / 276 mm / 282 mm / 288 mm / 294 mm 257 mm / 263 mm / 269 mm / 276 mm / 282 mm / 288 mm 233 mm / 240 mm / 247 mm / 255 mm / 262 mm / 269 mm / 276 mm / 283 mm / 290 mm / 297 mm
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All specifications

Detailed product description

Techno-3 system
The new Techno-3 mechanism allows you to secure the shoe across the entire length, enabling it to fully form to the contours of your foot and creating a personalised fit. The reliable and replaceable retention system has been further improved with a new wire, making it easier to adjust the fit on the go.

Vent Carbon Sole
Handmade carbon sole with integrated ventilation channels to improve your comfort in warm conditions. The air flows in through 2 ventilation channels via an opening just behind the toe box. When used in a triathlon, the channels act as water drains, radically enhancing your comfort on the bike. The special weave used with the carbon fibre sole ensures optimal rigidity with limited flex at the toes. This flex reduces stress on your ligaments and improves blood flow.

Soft Instep 3 system
Anatomically shaped, comfortable strap across the foot combined with a soft and thermoplastic upper. The strap evenly distributes the pressure across the foot arch, can be adjusted on both sides to create a perfectly centred fit, and is replaceable.

Adjustable Heel System
Reinforced upper heel component which improves the fit of the shoe by making it follow the contours around the ankles more closely. The system also tightens the upper half of the heel cup, preventing any slippage during a heavy climb or sprint. Two independently adjustable screws allow you to loosen or tighten the fit at the heel.

Sidi Heel
Reinforced heel which keeps your foot in an optimal position, preventing the shoe from deforming over time due to stresses or prolonged pressure.