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Shimano SPD-SL

Shimano SPD-SL
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3 / 5

A nice large support. Does wear out quickly.

- Ronald, 22 May, 2024

In combination with Ultegra pedals, my experience is that they slip quickly over the pedal. Sometimes it looks like you're locked in, but you're not. Fine is the substantial bearing surface between pedal and cleat. Don't walk on them too much, as they wear out super fast. Fortunately, the plates are not too expensive. I experience the clearance as just right.

Pros & Cons

easy installation
good bearing surface
slide over Ultegra pedals
wear out super fast when you walk on them
Automatic translation

3 / 5

Quality is low, positioning sublime.

- Thomas, 25 July, 2021

Nice that you have a lot of space to position them properly, the downside is that they are worn out after 1100km. That will be 3 to 4 months after expected these days. That's pretty fast and quite an expense that way.

Pros & Cons

space to slide for ideal position
worn out after 1100 km
Automatic translation