Camelbak 22

Camelbak is known for making backpacks with built-in hydration systems. Many mountain bikers refuse to leave for a ride without one! Let's face it: it's extremely convenient to just take a sip from your pack when you're crossing rough terrain. And this way, you can keep your hands on the bars for optimal control. Camelbak makes packs for every kind of cyclist, allowing you to drink as you go via the integrated hydration system. You can get a pack with just the reservoir, or one that can also take a little extra luggage. Pretty useful too! If you prefer bottles, Camelbak has got you covered as well. The self-closing and secure valves ensure you won't waste a drop of your drink. All you have to do is squeeze the bottle if you want to have a sip. All their bottles are BPA-free and Camelbak even makes insulated bottles for use on extremely warm or cold days.

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