Deragliatore Anteriore Shimano XT M8070 DI2

Deragliatore Anteriore Shimano XT M8070 DI2
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  • Consegna 2-4 giorni lavorativi
  • Consegna monitorata gratuita
  • Valutazione Trustpilot 9.4 su 65.535 Recensioni


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Caratteristiche tecniche

Caratteristiche tecniche

Marca Shimano
Numero di rapporti 11- velocità
Metodo di cambio rapporti Elettronico
Colore Nero



The new Shimano XT M8050 front derailleur enables you to shift quickly and accurately with just one shifter. The Deore XT derailleur will quickly respond to your commands, should you find the going gets vertical all of a sudden. A light touch of the Di2 button is all you'll need to change into a more efficient gear. You'll always have the right gearing possibilities to switch between tough climbs, technical descends, or adrenaline-fuelled races. Comes with the adjustable multi-shift or Synchro Shift technology.
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Descrizione dettagliata del prodotto

The Synchro Shift technology in the shifters allows you to change gears at both the front and the back with just a single shifter. An adjustable shift-range allows you to tune when the Di2 system will automatically shift into the large ring when changing up, or into the small one when changing down. Whichever gear ratio you choose, Shimano's Rhythm Step ensures you'll get it with as little shifts as possible. This ensures you as a rider are able to continue at a more stable cadence and ride more fluently. No major jumps in gears, no overworked muscles or joints, just effortless (relatively) pedaling in your own choosen gear range. No compromises, rather just focus on simplicity and fun!

Specifiche del produttore

• Electronically driven motor responds to any gear changes instantaneously
• E-Tube cables ensure stable performance under any conditions
• Adjustable multi-shift technology and Shimano Synchronized Shifter functionality
• Accurate chain positioning in any gear
• Weight: 150g