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Ortlieb Frame-Pack

Ortlieb Frame-Pack
4.3 / 5
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4 / 5

Great product

- Luc, 17 March, 2023

Have mounted this bag on my Riese & Muller e-bike. It has two batteries in the frame so the straps of the Ortlieb are too short. However, was able to solve this easily by buying and mounting extra velcro straps.

Pros & Cons

Slightly stiff zipper
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4 / 5

Good storage, waterproof.

- Sven-Bertil, 20 July, 2020

Very good product.

Pros & Cons

Can be kept narrow with brackets on the inside.
Good space.
External wires = difficult to mount sensibly.
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4 / 5

Good, but not perfect

- RG, 28 June, 2020

Definitely the weakest of the three main bikepacking bags from Ortlieb. Great quality bag with chunky waterproof zip mechanism. You can literally squeeze this bag and no air will escape. Lots of strong Velcro straps. However, there are a couple of issues: The zip is on the left hand side - not great if you’re right handed. Really lacks any internal structure, which means items are not particularly organised and it’s possible for the bag to “bulge”, which means the straps slightly catch on my legs when riding. There is a Velcro strap to hold the sides together, but that makes it awkward to load/unload. It’s not a deal breaker, but it should have been better for the price - perhaps some internal plastic panels like with the seat pack would have helped to prevent the bag from deforming from it’s contents.

Pros & Cons

Air/water tight - even with a zip
Great quality materials
Looks good
Feeble internal Velcro Strap doesn’t work
Lacks structural integrity
Zip on the wrong side (for most people)