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Knog Plus Twinpack

Knog Plus Twinpack
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3 / 5

Nice product but I had bad luck with water infiltration and oxidation

- Rodrigo, 4 January, 2024

Well designed product with magnetic attachment and cable free charging (requires USB-A port). Offers enough light for visibility but a smartphone flashlight does a better job lighting your path. Light rain and water spray from wheel infiltrated through the power button and oxidized the contact. I've cracked it open to clean and it's back to work but it's not meant to be opened so the plastic case is now bruised.

Pros & Cons

Easy to attach/detach
Easy to charge
Sleek design
Barely lights your path
Not weatherproof

3 / 5

Empty too quickly

- Sander, 1 December, 2023

The lights themselves are beautiful. Easy to remove from your bike due to the magnetic connection. Easy to charge with usb. And nice and compact in your jacket pocket. Also handy that you can clip them to your clothes. Only they run empty quite quickly. With a red warning light indicating that they need to be charged. This happens quite shortly before they go out (i.e. not dimly lit). Because I have to cycle for about half an hour, I miss the signal from my rear light (also because the warning light is red). It has happened more than once that on arrival I concluded that I had cycled partly without a rear light. Not really safe.

Pros & Cons

Bright light
Clip for jacket or bag
USB charging
Empty quickly
Goes off completely (no power save mode)
Automatic translation