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Pros & Cons

  • No more risks of snake bites.
  • You can now run at even lower tyre pressures.
  • Low chance of flats when used with liquid latex.
  • Slightly more work to install.
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The Schwalbe ProCore is the latest revolution in Schwalbe tyres. The air pressure in mountain bike tyres is getting lower, to ensure optimal grip and lowest rolling resistance. At the same time, the risk of stones or other things on the track punching through and hitting your rim grows.

The Schwalbe ProCore Set offers the solution for this problem. This extra tyre, which has been developed by Schwalbe and Syntace, is placed in the outer tyre. This creates two air chambers. The first and outer air chamber is inflated to a low pressure and filled with latex. The second air chamber (ProCore) is inflated up to 4-6 bar. This prevents the outer tyre hitting your rim. Another advantage is that the outer tyre gets pushed into the rim more firmly, thanks to the ProCore inflation. This avoids losing pressure, because there will be no more "burping."

The ProCore adds about 200 grams of weight per wheel. This can be compensated by fitting lighter tyres.

Compatible with every type of wheel that is suitable for Tubeless riding, regardless of the manufacturer. The internal rim width must be at least 23 mm.

Delivery includes

Set consists of:
• 2 x ProCore Tube
• 2 x ProCore inner tube
• 2 x Procore Ariguide
• Tubeless rim tape
• Anti-leak fluid (latex)
• Schwalbe Easy Fit
• Tyre levers

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8.9 / 10 Average from 22 reviews | Write a review

8.9 / 10

22 reviews


  • Better grip (4)
  • No pinch flats (3)
  • No punctures (2)
  • easy installation (1)


  • Expensive (3)
  • could be cheaper but it's acceptable at Mantel (1)
  • slightly heavy (1)
  • Weight (1)

Most recent reviews

9 / 10

Lukasz, 3 September 2018

Great stuff

Awsomness at a good price.


  • easy installation
  • great tire levers
  • allow extremely low preasures
  • secures tire on the rim


  • could be cheaper but it's acceptable at Mantel

10 / 10

Lukasz, 3 September 2018

Great stuff

Game changer...easy installation , endless possibilities setting up Your tires with a fair price at Mantel.

9 / 10

Brett, 11 December 2016

Adds a little weight, but the grip is unreal!

Its way too early to say either way whether this will stop pinch flats. Its 200grams per wheel, and you can feel the difference in rolling weight, but the grip is amazing. Ive got to give it a good work out in the lakes but after a few rides Ive very happy so far.


  • Rim protection
  • tyre protection from pinches


  • slightly heavy

10 / 10

Steve, 11 December 2016

Game Changer

The next step after tubeless! Been running this over a year for racing DH and Enduro and not punctured once running 17.5 Fr & 19 Rr on all terrains, (Incl rocky!). Unbelievable grip too.


  • Better grip
  • No pinch flats
  • No punctures


  • Expensive

8 / 10

James, 4 August 2016

Does what it suppose too.

Having dented a new rim I chose to give pro core a try. Love having lower pressure in the tyre, so much more grip and so far no new dents or punctures. Only down side is having brought better and lighter wheel set, with procore fitted mean I save no weight.


  • Rim saver
  • Better grip


  • Weight
  • Cost
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