Ritchey WCS Drop In Headset

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Pros & Cons

  • Provides the best possible performance.
  • Contains very durable bearings.
  • Very lightweight.


Brand Ritchey
Size1 1/8 inch


This Ritchey WCS Drop In is a very high quality headset. This headset has been developed for cyclists who want only the best for their bike. This headset is partly made of carbon to make it as light and stiff as possible. In addition, the stainless steel bearings are very durable and the handlebars rotate extra smoothly due to Richey's high-quality grease.

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S.H.I.S. Upper: IS42/28.6 / Lower: IS42/30 Upper: ZS44/28.6 / Lower: ZS44/30 Upper: IS41/28.6 / Lower: IS41/30
Size 1 1/8 inch 1 1/8 inch
Top Cover Height 15,3 mm / 8,3 mm 4 mm 8.5 mm / 9.4 mm 15 mm
Colour Black Grey / Black
Type Intergrated Semi-intergrated Intergrated Semi-intergrated
From 24,85 21,47 25,57 30,69
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