Pompa a Piede Topeak JoeBlow Booster

Pompa a Piede Topeak JoeBlow Booster
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The Topeak Joe Blow Booster is the ultimate pump for both tubeless and finer precision work.

Great convenience for tubeless
With the Topeak Joe Blow Booster it is suddenly a lot easier to install tubeless tyres on your wheels. This is thanks to the large integrated aluminum air chamber that you can safely pump up to 11 bar. With a simple turn of the knob, the built-up air suddenly shoots into your tyre with high pressure, so that it is neatly pressed into place. In short, with the JoeBlow Booster you don't need a compressor!

Everyday Accuracy
In addition to easily mounting a tubeless tyre, the JoeBlow Booster is also a very good pump for daily use. By just turning the knob around the pressure gauge you can switch the pump from "CHARGE" to "INFLATE". With this mode you can inflate a bicycle tyre in a normal way. Furthermore, the pump head is suitable for all types of bicycle valves and the pressure gauge mounted on the top of the pump can be read in both psi and bar. The JoeBlow Booster is equipped with an Air Release Button. This allows you to fine-tune the air pressure of your tyre or to blow off any excess pressure.

Very solid and user-friendly
The Joe Blow Booster is equipped with a Kraton grip for a pleasant hold while pumping. The extra long pump hose ensures that every valve is easily accessible. Finally, inflating a tyre is very easy due to its stable base.


• Pump head: SmartHead DX3
• Pump range: 160 psi / 11 bar
• Weight: 2.9 kilograms
• Pump sleeve: steel
• Volume per stroke: 303 cc
• Dimensions: 74 x 25 x 18.5 cm


• Suitable for Presta (French) and Schrader (car) valves

Consigli per l'utente

Additional information on how to use this pump (with tubeless tyres) can be found here.

Domande frequenti

Can I use the Topeak JoeBlow like a regular pump?
You sure can! Keep in mind that it may take a little longer for your tyre to inflate because the air flows into your tyre via the extra air chamber.

Can I replace individual parts of this Topeak JoeBlow Mountain bike pump if necessary?
There are various parts available for this pump, such as pump head parts and the hose. Unfortunately we do not have these items in our range.
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4.8 / 5
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Recensioni più recenti

5 / 5

Topeak = Top Produkte

- Detlef 23 gennaio 2021

Insgesamt solide, wertige und voll funtionelle Konstruktion. Lediglich der Pumpengriff könnte eine wertigere Haptik bzw. ergonomischere Griffform haben.

Pro e Contro

Boost Drehschalter groß, griffig und funktional
Hoch angebrachtes Manometer
Langer Pumpenschlauch
Solider, variabler Ventilaufsatz
Stabiler Stand
Haptik des Pumpengriffs

5 / 5

Good robust piece of kit

- Alison 14 agosto 2020

Effective cycle tyre pump. Useful for car tyres too once I got the hang of getting it onto the valve.

Pro e Contro

Stable while using
Heavy-ish, but that’s why it’s so stable

5 / 5

Efficace et solide

- Jonathan 13 agosto 2020

Très content de cette pompe elle respire la qualité et permet de gonfler ses pneus en toute simplicité

Pro e Contro

Forte pression
Simple d’utilisation

5 / 5

Robust and functional

- Alan 11 agosto 2020

Well built and ‘just works’. My previous one from another manufacturer was just a chamber, having the pump and a pressure gauge combined is perfect. Seems robust as well and seated tubeless tyres on my MTB, CX bike and road bike first time.

Pro e Contro

Built in gauge
Well built
Works well

4 / 5

Excellent pump

- Bo Søby 4 luglio 2020

Great pump, although I failed to seat my first tubeless project with it, mainly because of user error. Love the big gauge and how fast it inflates in both normal and charge mode.

Pro e Contro

Charge mode
Fast inflation
High quality item
Slightly fiddly pump head

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