Craft Active Intensity CN LS M

Craft Active Intensity CN LS M
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Pro e Contro

Pro e Contro

  • This shirt keeps you warm during temps between the -5 and +10 degrees Celsius.
  • The tight and elastic fit provides optimal wearer comfort.
  • The seamless design offers great freedom of movement.
  • Its great moisture regulation keeps you dry during intense workouts.
  • Perfect for mild or cold days, but to warm if temperatures rise above +10 C.
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Caratteristiche tecniche

Caratteristiche tecniche

Marca Craft
Tipo Maglia
Genere Uomini
Stagione Inverno
Intensità dell'allenamento ★★★★☆
Quantità 1 pezzo



The Craft Active Intensity CN LS M is a men's baselayer that performs well during intensive efforts in mild to cold conditions. This long-sleeved version takes up position in between the Craft Extreme version and the Craft Comfort version. The functional fabric is able to keep the body temperature at a comfortable level when it is between -5 and +10 degrees. The tight and elastic fit gives this undershirt optimal wearing comfort. In addition, the seamless design ensures optimal freedom of movement and minimizes the risk of irritation.

The very good moisture transport prevents your body temperature from rising too high. Perspiration is processed in a very efficient way, which also makes it easier for you to stay dry. However, this effect is lost when you wear this shirt during temperatures above 10 degrees. The Craft Active Intensity CN LS M is specifically and perfect for cold to mild days.



8 / 10

Bas, 13 aprile 2020

Het doet waarvoor het is gemaakt

De craft active intensity is van fijn materiaal gemaakt En zit erg lekker tijdens het sporten.

9 / 10

Eric, 22 novembre 2019

Heel fijn shirt.

Houdt lekker warm en droog. Sluit goed aan. Erg comfortabel.


  • Droog
  • Warm


  • Wel prijzig

Consigliato dagli specialisti del prodotto

Consigliato dagli specialisti del prodotto

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Specifiche del produttore

• Tight fit
• Bodymapped elastic fabric for optimum body temp regulation
• Seamless design for maximum freedom of movement