I vettori Tubus Logo Expedition

I vettori Tubus Logo Expedition
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Caratteristiche tecniche

Caratteristiche tecniche

Marca Tubus
Capacità massima di carico 26 kg
Misura Ruota 26 inch / 28 inch / 29 inch



Tubus make the strongest bagage carriers on the market, they can handle the most extreme conditions. The rear carrier by Tubus has an extra low attachment, so the point of gravity stays close to the ground, which makes the bike more stable on the road. The special geometry makes this carrier pre-eminently suitable for smaller frames, and makes sure there is more space between the bag and the pedal. The larger support area for the bags prevents the panniers from wobbling.
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10 / 10

Steel racks are essential for expedition tours

- ALEXANDER 19 dicembre 2020

I have experienced the failure of two aluminium racks. Tubus racks are stronger, more rigid and able to support greater loads due to the Cro Moly Steel construction, making them, virtually indestructible. If you want to avoid the major hassle of broken racks in a far away place, invest in the best because Tubus racks are the best.

Pro e Contro

Awesome design
Super strong

9 / 10

Gutes System

- Martin 11 settembre 2019

Nach Mantel-Beratung passte der Gepäckträger gut auf das gewünschte Fahrrad und lies sich auch recht gut montieren. Insgesamt passt alles.

8 / 10

Solide drager die duurzame indruk maakt

- Huib 15 novembre 2016

9 / 10

Compact, krachtig en makkelijk te monteren achterdrager.

- Pieter-Bas 19 maggio 2016

Zeer degelijke en makkelijk te monteren universele achterdrager voor reistassen van de bekende merken. Afstandhouders voor tassen lopen ver naar achter door, zodat je hakken niet tegen de tassen hoeven te komen. Lange, goed horizontaal te plaatsen draagrail voor reistassen.

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goed geplaatste draagrail voor reistassen
licht van gewicht
makkelijke montage
sterk en degelijk
aan de smalle kant voor dubbele fietstassen
draad voor achterlicht kan niet door frame

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Capacità massima di carico 26 kg 26 kg 18 kg 20 kg
Misura Ruota 26 inch / 28 inch / 29 inch 28 inch 26 inch / 28 inch 26 inch / 28 inch
Colore Classic / Expedition Nero Nero
90,69 80,61 65,49 Da 91,70
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Informazioni aggiuntive

• Almost all panniers fit this carrier
• Material: steel
• Colour: black
• Weight: circa 630g (plus 148g for attachment material)