Gruppo Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed

Gruppo Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed
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With this Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed you put top technology on your road bike, gravel bike or cyclocrosser. In this Campagnolo Chorus group set the techniques from the Super Record and Record group sets are employed. So you have the shifting ease, ergonomics and durability for which Campagnolo is known. In addition, a special 48/32 crank has been developed to give you plenty of off-road possibilities!

Ergonomically designed shifters
The Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Shifters are ergonomically designed. As a result, they are comfortable in use and you are less likely to suffer from a dull feeling in your hands. In addition, they are equipped with Campagnolo's Ultra-Shift technology, which allows you to shift 3 teeth lighter and 5 teeth heavier in one movement!

Large range, smooth shifting
The 12-Speed cassette of this groupset gives you a very large range. So you can choose the right resistance for each speed.
The Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed rear derailleur is equipped with Campagnolo's 3D Embrace Technology. Thanks to this technology, the rear derailleur shifts quickly and smoothly, and has the right tension for every setting. As a result, even off-road you will be less likely to suffer from a rattling chain.

Crankset partly made of carbon, special gravel-movement
The Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed crankset is partly made of carbon. Resulting in a high stiffness, which improves the power transmission. The chainrings are made of aluminium, which keeps the weight low but keeps the price within limits. The steel Ultra-Torque axle completes it all with good durability and easy installation.
New to this Chorus 12-Speed group set is the addition of a crankset with Gravel-gears. The 48/32 crank makes it possible to climb those steep off-road climbs, but also gives you plenty of opportunities when going downhill. But even for cyclists who mainly ride on the road, the 48/32 crank can be an excellent choice. You have many more opportunities to get into the right cadence uphill.

Front derailleur suitable for wide tyres
The Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed front derailleur has been made suitable for riding with wide tyres. This allows you to use this derailleur on your gravel bike, cyclocrosser or modern road bike with 28mm or wider tyres.

Different brakes
Different types of brakes are used on road bikes, cyclocrossers and gravel bikes. A rim brake with traditional 1-bolt mounting or a direct-mount mounting can be found a lot on road bikes. For cyclists who want to equip a gravel bike or cyclocrosser with a mechanical disc brake, v-brake or cantilever brake, we also offer this group set without brakes.

La consegna include

• Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Shifterset + Cables
• Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Crankset
• Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Rear derailleur
• Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Front derailleur
• Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Cassette
• Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Chain
• Campagnolo Chorus Brakes when opted for Traditional rim brake
• Campagnolo Direct-Mount brakes when opted for Direct-Mount

Clamp required?

On some bikes, there is no welding cam in front of the front derailleur. To fit this front derailleur, you can therefore here you will find a separate clamp.
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2 Recensioni 24 Recensioni 9 Recensioni
Tipo di asse Ultra-Torque 24 mm (Shimano Hollowtech II)
Tipo di corona Rotonda
Rapporto Pacco Pignoni 11 / 29 / 11 / 32 / 11 / 34 11 / 25 / 11 / 28 / 11 / 30 / 11 / 32 / 11 / 34 / 12 / 25 / 14 / 28
Rapporto guarnitura 50 / 34 / 52 / 36 / 48 / 32 46 / 36 / 50 / 34 / 52 / 36 / 53 / 39
Lunghezza pedivella 170 mm / 172,5 mm / 175 mm 165 mm / 170 mm / 172,5 mm / 175 mm
Numero di rapporti 12- velocità 12- velocità 11- velocità 12- velocità
Da 997,17 Da 1 208,91 785,44 Da 983,06
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Marca Campagnolo
Tipo di asse
Tipo di corona
Numero di rapporti
12- velocità
Metodo di cambio rapporti
Deragliatore Anteriore
Movimento Centrale
No, non incluso
Cavo interno del deragliatore / Cavo interno del freno / Cavo esterno del deragliatore / Cavo esterno del freno
Tipo di guarnitura (Asse)
Nero / Grigio