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Maurten Gel 100

Maurten Gel 100
4.9 / 5
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4 / 5

High-quality product for me as an avid athlete.

- Henk, 7 February, 2024

Fine after my first use of these gels.

Pros & Cons

Convenient packaging
Did not experience any side effects.
Firm texture
Neutral flavour
Sufficient energy it gives.
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4 / 5

Good product

- René, 19 November, 2023

Buying a few boxes at a time is helpful if you can make sense of the date

Pros & Cons

Doesn't drain easily is a firm gel
For 21k plus you are going to notice it
In your mouth after a few chews it dissolves well
Tear off well
Work well do take 1 every 7k a 8k if you have 21k
Still pricey for 1
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4 / 5

The companion of your victories

- Baptiste, 24 October, 2023

I achieved my best performance in a race thanks to its gels. I had a stomach ache after the finish. Maybe it takes some getting used to

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4 / 5

Small energy bomb

- Vincent, 29 June, 2023

First time I bought/used brand. I will buy some more gels before my vacation because it works. It is small and indeed nutritious which I think is the most important thing. Convenient and small energy bomb. The taste? Yes what does it taste like? I find the texture takes getting used to. The only negative is the tear edge. The tearing edge is a bit of a mess while driving. But I do not leave the product for it stronger they go with me for the long vacation trips in the mountains.

Pros & Cons

Good nutrition
It works
Small and nutritious
Structure takes getting used to
Tear edge
What does it taste like?
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4 / 5

Energy Boost

- Arno, 7 May, 2022

Energy boost when you need it for a while.

Pros & Cons

Lots of carbohydrates and caffeine
Packaging is convenient in size
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