BBB Cycling BSP-42 Seat Posts

BBB Cycling BSP-42 Seat Posts
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Absorbs shocks and reduces vibrations for a smoother ride.
  • Extra-long seatpost (400 mm) for more customisation options.
  • Compatible with all types of bikes, including e-bikes (EN-15194 certified).
  • Supplied with additional elastomers for weight optimisation.
  • Not compatible with carbon saddle rails.



BBB Cycling
400 mm
27.2 mm
20 mm
495 grams
Saddle Rails
7 x 7 mm / 7 x 9 mm



Are you ready to take your cycling experience to the next level? Meet the BBB BSP-42 ActionPost, not just another seatpost, but a revolutionary system that turns every ride into a comfortable ride. Designed to maximise your cycling enjoyment, this is an upgrade you won't want to miss.

Revolutionary Cycling Comfort
The BSP-42 ActionPost seatpost transforms your cycling experience. It's not just a support for your saddle, but an innovative system designed to make your ride as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Shock absorption and vibration dampening
You know the drill, those bumpy trails and rough urban roads that make your ride anything but comfortable. Thanks to the BBB BSP-42 ActionPost's advanced shock absorption and vibration damping, every ride will feel like you're floating on a cloud of comfort.

Extra Long Seatpost
With its extra length of 400 mm, the ActionPost offers a wide range of adjustment options for your saddle height. Whether you're tall or short, this seatpost makes it easy to find the ideal saddle position.

Adjustment to Personal Preference
The ActionPost comes with extra elastomers you can install to personalise the spring stiffness. Whether you're light or heavy, you can adjust the seatpost to experience a customised, comfortable ride. This means you get the optimal spring response for your body weight.

Versatile and Reliable
In addition to all the above benefits, the ActionPost seatpost is made of durable material that can withstand the elements and the wear and tear of daily use. It's an investment in your cycling comfort that you won't want to miss out on.

Easy Installation
Best of all, installation is so easy that you'll be on the road or trail within minutes, ready for a much more comfortable ride than you ever thought possible.

With so many benefits, the ActionPost seatpost is the perfect upgrade for any cyclist looking for a combination of comfort and performance.


• Elastomer suspension system: This advanced system ensures optimal shock absorption and minimises vibrations while cycling.


• Suitable for seatposts with a diameter of 27.2 mm.
• Certified for use on e-bikes according to the EN-15194 standard.

Delivery includes

• 1 x ActionPost seat post
• Set of elastomers for weight optimisation


• Easy installation with a single bolt clamp mechanism.

User tips

• Install the seat post and adjust the height.
• Adjust the elastomers according to your weight for best performance.
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Length 400 mm 350 mm / 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Diameter 27.2 mm 27.2 mm / 31.6 mm 27.2 mm / 30.9 mm / 31.6 mm 27.2 mm / 31.6 mm
Offset 20 mm 0 mm / 20 mm 0 mm / 20 mm 0 mm / 20 mm
Weight 495 grams 311 grams 258 grams
Saddle Rails 7 x 7 mm / 7 x 9 mm 7 x 7 mm 7 x 7 mm 7 x 7 mm
Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
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