Axa bike locks have been the best and the most popular bike locks available for years. Whether you're looking for an approved bike lock for your city bike, road bike, or mountain bike, Axa has a lock for every occasion. To be safe while cycling as well, Axa also has nifty bike lighting that are easy to mount onto your bicycle. Is your bike parked? Then it'll be safe and sound with an Axa bike lock. Are you riding your bike? Then Axa bike lighting will ensure you're visibile and safe as well.
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Axa Defender Frame Lock
30,69 From 21,47

Axa RLC140 Plug-in chain
28,64 From 17,37

Axa Solid Plus Frame Lock
30,23 From 20,45

Axa Solid XL Frame Lock
25,57 18,40

Axa Block XXL Frame Lock
29,67 From 25,57

Axa Victory Frame Lock
38,43 From 30,69

Axa Run
8,15 6,10

Axa Blueline 30 E-bike
31,72 19,42

Axa Blueline 50 E-bike
53,24 38,89

Axa Ren II Frame Lock
13,27 10,20

Axa Blueline 30T Steady
36,84 27,62

Axa Classic
11,78 9,17

Axa Slim Steady
10,76 9,17

Axa City
12,25 11,22