Water Bottles


A water bottle is a must have on your ride. A good water bottle makes drinking easy. Mantel sells both basic and advanced water bottles, such as the Camelbak and Elite bottles. A nice closing and drinking system prevents leaks. Bottles without BPA will not only last longer, but your drink also won't taste like plastic and the risk of mold is a lot less.

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Pro Tool Bottle
4.20 3.40

Camelbak Podium 21oz Bottle
10.90 From 7.60

Cube Teamline Bottle
From 4.20

Tacx Mantel Shiva Bottel 500 ml
4.20 From 2.50
Bargain pack

Bontrager Silo Bottle
5.10 4.30

SiS 800ml Bottle
5.10 4.20

Elite Byasi Toolbox
6.70 From 5.90

SiS 600ml Bottle
3.80 3.40