SRAM Red eTAP AXS Groupset

SRAM Red eTAP AXS Groupset
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Due to the eTAP and specially designed gears, this groupset shifts exceptionally smooth.
  • Due to the many options, even with Eagle ACS, this groupset can be customised completely to your liking.
  • This groupset has completely new crank and cassette proportions, which greatly increases the range.
  • You need a special XDR body to mount the cassette.
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Brand SRAM
What groupset do you have? SRAM Red
Number of gears 12 speed
Shifting Type Electronic
Front Derailleur Braze-on
Bottom Bracket No, not included
Crankset (Axle) Type Dub



Road bikes are becoming more versatile and cyclocross bikes as well as gravel bikes are increasing in popularity. In turn, this changes the needs of their users. For example: a groupset with a wide range of gears is becoming more and more desired, disc brakes are gradually becoming the new standard and the gear reach needs to be adjustable to circumstances.
To cater to these changing needs, Sram engineered a completely new 12-speed groupset: the Red eTAP AXS.

The cassette in this groupset has been redesigned from the ground up. By using the newest XDR body, this cassette has a 10 as the smallest tooth. This allows for the proportions of the front chainrings getting an overhaul. With smaller front chainrings you can have an increased shifting reach! With this groupset, you’ll have a suitable gear inch for practically any circumstance. This is also visible in the graph we added. The graph shows what Sram AXS gear inch you need for your current, conventional gear inch.

The new Sram rear derailleur has a new clutch. What makes this clutch unique is that it’s a fluid-clutch, which uses a liquid system. This fluid allows the derailleur to anticipate even better on swaying while cycling. With this, you can be even surer of having a taut chain, even when you’re riding on rough terrain with a 1x12 setup.

As shown in the pictures, the crank has also been overhauled. It offers the ability to ride with 1x12 or 2x12, all on the same crank nonetheless!
With 2x12 you have a wider reach of gears, which is useful for cycling in mountainous terrain. If 12 gears is plenty for you however, Sram offers two choices. They have an open crank and an aero crank available. The open crank is very suitable for cyclocross and gravel rides. Due to the open build, dirt and mud are properly disposed of and the crank weighs very little.
New is the aerodynamic crank. This crank is very suited for time trials and criteriums. On these rides, where speed is of the essence, a single chainring is often sufficient.

The Sram AXS shifters are compatible with an Eagle AXS rear derailleur and the corresponding 10/50 cassette. This is only compatible with a single chainring up front. It’s also required to use an Eagle chain with an Eagle cassette and derailleur. Of course, you could still use the Red AXS crank. Scroll down to see the possible combinations between Red and Eagle AXS.

The Sram eTAP Red AXS groupset allows you to fine-tune your bicycle to your liking. The groupset is light, shifts smoothly and transports you to a whole new dimension of competitive cycling!


Possible combinations with Eagle AXS:

1. AXS Red shifters - Eagle AXS crank - Red AXS chain - Red AXS derailleur - Red AXS cassette
2. AXS Red shifters - Red AXS 1x12 crank - Eagle AXS chain - Eagle AXS derailleur - Eagle AXS cassette
3. AXS Red shifters - Eagle AXS crank- Eagle AXS chain - Eagle AXS derailleur - Eagle AXS cassette
4. Eagle AXS Shifters - Red AXS 1x12 crank - Red AXS chain - Red AXS derailleur - Red AXS cassette
5. Eagle AXS Shifters - Red AXS 1x12 crank - Eagle AXS chain - Eagle AXS derailleur - Eagle AXS cassette
6. Eagle AXS Shifters - Eagle AXS crank - Red AXS chain - Red AXS derailleur - Red AXS cassette

Delivery includes

• Red eTAP AXS rear derailleur with battery
• Red eTAP AXS front derailleur with battery (when opted for crankset with 2 chainrings)
• Red eTAP AXS crank
• Red eTAP AXS shifters
• Red eTAP AXS flat-top chain
• Red eTAP AXS XG-1290 cassette
• Red eTAP AXS brake set (options: disc/rim brakes)
• Sram Centerline 160mm 6-bolt disc brake rotors (when opted for disc brakes)
• Red eTAP AXS brake cables (disc brakes: disc brake cables | rim brakes: inner + outer braking cables)
• Red eTAP AXS battery charger
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5 / 5

Bluffant le Sram

- Christophe 3 February 2020

Groupe au top, une super finition de qualité , un réel dynamise, une fluidité de passage de vitesses . un montage et un réglage simple , un prix Mantel au top 2462€ par rapport à la concurrence +500 de plus . Merci pour votre rapidité Mantel .

Pros & Cons

Application AXS
Batterie Der amovibles
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