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Brand Sram
Bike TypeMountain bike
Number of brake pads1 Pair
Suitable for SRAM A


The SRAM Guide/Trail disc brake pads are made for every Guide or Trail brake. Available in 3 different versions. You can pick the brake pads you prefer. We'll explain the differences below.

Soft (Organic):
Organic brake pads consist of soft materials. That ensures these brake pads provide excellent dosage and stopping power. The soft compound allows this brake pad to react faster. Aside from that, the organic compound also reduces the noise these brake pads make when used.
The downside of organic brake pads is that they’re less resistant to high temperatures that can occur during long descents. Organic brake pads also wear faster when you often cycle in muddy terrain.
If you mostly use your bike during summer and in flat or hilly terrain, these organic brake pads are a great choice. If you are more of a winter cyclist however, or do you cycle in mountainous terrain, you’re better off with Semi-Metallic brake pads.

Hard (Sintered):
The compound of sintered brake pads is made of resin mixed with metal particles. This makes the compound very tough and wear-resistant. These brake pads are also very resistant to high temperatures that can be caused during long descents especially. The downside is that these brake pads react slower than organic or semi-metallic brake pads and produce more noise during braking.
This makes these brake pads very suited for cycling in muddy terrain requiring a lot of braking. That’s common in muddy rides in hilly terrain. These brake pads are also very suited for downhill, enduro and muddy cyclocross rides.

Manufacturers use different sizes & fits. Make sure if the shape of the brake pad in the image corresponds with your current brake pad. Not sure what shape you have, scroll down to the bottom of this page. There, you’ll find which brake pad is suited for which type of brake.

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Delivery includes

Delivery includes:
• 2x brake pads
• 1x spring
• 1x lock nut

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Hardness Brakepad Hard (Metal) / Soft (Resin/Organic) Hard (Metal) / Medium (Semi-Metal) / Soft (Resin/Organic) Soft (Resin/Organic) Hard (Metal)
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14 reviews


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Remigiusz, 11 June 2019

Pas perfect, super snel levering


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Michael, 28 February 2019

Zeer tevreden, aanrader

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Patrick, 31 October 2018

Doet wat het moet doen.

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Stefaan, 17 October 2018

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Johan, 13 October 2018

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