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Squirt Lube

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  • Trustpilot review 9.2 out of 48.556 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to apply and maintain.
  • Excellent lubrication in all conditions.
  • The first application takes more time, but it's worth the effort.
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Brand Squirt
Use in All conditions
Environmental ImpactBiodegradable
Lubricant TypeWax


The Squirt Lube is the best known wax in the cycling world. Squirt Dry Lube Wax reduces drivetrain friction. The wax keeps the chain running smoothly and shifting properly, even in the poorest conditions. In order to optimally use Squirt Lube, you must first degrease the chain and moving parts, even with a new chain. You then have to let the drivetrain dry up. Finally, you apply 1 or 2 layers of Squirt Lube to the chain. Let this soak in as well before riding your bike. Degreasing after your ride is no longer necessary. After an extremely dirty ride, simply wipe the chain with a cloth drenched in Squirt Lube. This method can improve the durability of your chain and sprockets by up to 40%. The Squirt Lube is 100% environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

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Use in All conditions Dry conditions All conditions
Environmental Impact Biodegradable Biodegradable Not Biodegradable
Lubricant Type Wax Oil Oil / Wax
Packaging Bottle Bottle Bottle
Volume 120 ml / 500 ml 50 ml / 120 ml 120 ml
From £12.70 From £10.00 £14.60 £11.80
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8.9 / 10 Average from 310 reviews | Write a review

8.9 / 10

310 reviews


  • clean (1)
  • effective (1)
  • dries quickly (1)
  • Clean, good lube (1)


  • You do have to apply quite a bit to lube the chain (1)

Most recent reviews

8 / 10

João, 11 June 2019

Great product

Great product! Clean and easy

10 / 10

Mark, 31 May 2019

easy to apply and effective

The easiest and best chain lube by far. Simple to apply, long lasting and doesnt make a mess. Would highly recommend it.


  • clean
  • effective
  • dries quickly

10 / 10

Stephen, 29 May 2018

Good dry condition lube

Good wax based lube. I use this in the summer & find it a good alternative to the usual oil based lubes. It can be used in wet & miserable conditions, but I find it best to be used when it's nice.


  • Clean, good lube


  • You do have to apply quite a bit to lube the chain

4 / 10

Maurice, 14 August 2019

Ketting mooi schoon, maar blijft niet lang zitten

Ketting goed ontvet en Squirt Lube aangebracht, zorgt ervoor dat de ketting goed gesmeerd is en niet zwart wordt. Helaas blijft deze smering maar 100-150km werken voordat de ketting geluid begint te maken, erg irritant. Meerdere malen ketting geheel ontvet, maar steeds hetzelfde resultaat.


  • Schone smering


  • Kortdurende werking
  • 1e keer Arbeidsintensief

9 / 10

J.S., 12 August 2019

Wat een top spul!

Het doet precies wat het zegt. Wax is beter dan olie. Onstuimige weer, bospaadjes, zand of zand. Maakt niet uit! Even afspoelen en fietsje kan bijna zo de schuur in


  • Duurzaam
  • Doet wat het moet doen
  • Blijvend gesmeerd


  • Tijdsintensief om aanbrengen
  • Moet eerst zeer grondig ketting ontvetten

All specifications

Detailed product description

Squirt dry lube is made using a number of different waxes and water mixed into a single emulsion. Once applied the liquid penetrates into the heart of the chain. The water slowly evaporates, leaving a layer of wax that has water-, dirt-, and sand-repelling properties (oil tends to attract dirt!). This means the drivetrain stays cleaner.

Dirt will accumulate on the jockey wheels, chainrings, and cassette cogs. It's a good sign; Squirt lube has successfully removed the dirt from your chain! Contrary to other lubricants, this has no abrasive effect on your components. It doesn't hurt to leave the dirt be, but you could brush it off as well. After a while small lumps of wax will start to appear between the links of the chain. This means that there's sufficient wax built up into the chain. From that moment on your drivetrain can handle hours of rain, tons of mud and loads of dirt. Don't forget: never degrease your drivetrain again!

Smooth and efficient gear shifts, no more black, grimy hands, chainsuck, or squeaking chain. Reduced wear: the chain and cogs last up to 40% longer. No more degreasing, a simple wipe down will suffice.