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Speedplay Zero Titanium + Walkable Cleat Pedals

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  • Trustpilot review 9.2 out of 48.675 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • Increased ground clearance so you can lean over further in a corner, as well as an aerodynamic advantage.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Angle of disengagement can be adjusted in 1 degree increments to suit your preferences.
  • Double sided engagement, so no more fumbling around with being on the wrong side of the pedal.
  • The walkable cleats ensure walking around won't damage the mechanism.
  • Replacing the cleats can be pricey.
  • Needs to be lubricated with the special Speedplay Grease Gun regularly.
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Brand Speedplay
Cleat TypeSpeedplay
Body MaterialComposite
Pedal Axle MaterialTitianium
Cleats includedYes
Click-fit mechanismDouble sided
Bearing Type Industrial Bearing / Needle Bearing
Adjustable spring tension No
Disengagement Angle 0 - 15°
All specifications


The Speedplay Zero Titanium pedals with walkable cleats are perfect for riders who demand nothing but the best from their Speedplay pedals. The Speedplay Zero Titanium pedals are around 40 grams lighter than the stainless steel version. This lowers the overall weight of the set to a staggering 168 grams. The Zero pedals make it possible to adjust the play of your feet from anything between 15 degrees, to none at all. Perfectly adjustable to your own personal preferences then! The walkable cleats make it possible to walk around on your shoes because of the rounded off bottom.

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Delivery includes

• Set Zero Titanium pedals
• Walkable cleats

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10 / 10

Sarah, 7 May 2018

The perfect system for custom fit for racing and training!

I have been looking at a new pedal and cleat system for some time as I have struggled to find the right set up that works for my knees. After a few bike fits it wasn’t perfect but have read this were the right ones. Installation was very straightforward and was clear that there was a lot that I could adjust for each foot. Once I had them on my shoes I set up on my turbo trainer for quick and small adjustments for the “heel in” and “heel out” position and then slowly dial down my float. I like very little float and this system is perfect for that if you have a little patience. After a few long rides already I have noticed no problems in my knees and even feel that the transfer of power feels better. I love the look of the walkable cleat portion as well and makes the whole system convenient for everyday riding as well as having the connection and power transfer for a racing set up. Make sure to use dry lube on the cleats at set up to ensure everything works properly. Best system I have used over the past 10 years!!


  • Weight
  • Set up time
  • Adjustability
  • Platform size
  • Comfort


  • Pricey

10 / 10

Martin, 4 June 2017

Awesome! Def. better than Shimano etcc

Really easy to clip in and out of, the double-sided clip-in is superb and the free float feature is also great. Have had no issues changing over from Shimano Dura Ace pedals to SpeedPlay. Definitely recommend.

10 / 10

Xose Manuel, 28 August 2018

Envío 4 días. Producto excepcional .

Envío 4 días. Producto excepcional .


  • Producto excepcional


  • Envío lento.

10 / 10

Nico, 22 February 2018

Super pedalen!!!

Montage van de schoenplaatjes laten doen door een pro! Vernuftig systeem, mooi en degelijk!


  • Mooi
  • Juist gemonteerd voorkomt knieproblemen!
  • Degelijk


  • Duur

All specifications

Cleat TypeSpeedplay
Body MaterialComposite
Pedal Axle MaterialTitianium
Cleats includedYes
Click-fit mechanismDouble sided
Bearing Type Industrial Bearing / Needle Bearing
Adjustable spring tension No
Disengagement Angle 0 - 15°
Weight 168 grams

Detailed product description

Unique to the Speedplay pedals is the two-sided engagement, something we've really only seen with mountain bike pedals. On top of that, the pedals have an extremely low profile, providing you with more ground clearance than regular pedals. This allows you to lean your bike over more in corners and keep pedalling for longer, without scraping on the road.

Speedplay uses a 4-point attachment system to your shoes. Every set comes with a pair of adapters however so they can be used with regular 3-point shoes. On top of that, the V2 cleat is also included, allowing you to fit the cleats to multiple shoes.

Manufacturer specifications

• Lateral play: adjustable, 0 - 15 degrees
• Pedal height 3-point sole: 11,5 mm
• Pedaal height 4-point sole: 8,5 mm
• Axle material: titanium
• Bearings: 2 industrial bearings, 1 needle bearing
• Double-sided for increased user comfort
• Efficient pedal stroke because of the small distance between the foot and axle
• Compatible with all regular road bike shoes
• Improved ground clearance, meaning higher cornering speeds

Additional information

Weight limit:
• 85 kg

Weight excluding cleats (weighed by Mantel):
• 168 grams per set