Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly + Walkable Cleat Pedals

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  • You can click in on both sides.
  • The angle is adjustable and can be adjusted to the milimeter.
  • The walkable cleats make sure that you can walk without damaging the cleats.
  • Replacing the cleats is expensive.
  • Has to be applied with grease regularly with a special Speetplay pump.
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Brand Speedplay
Pedal axle material
  • Chromoly steel
Body material
  • Composite
Cleats included
  • Yes
Click-fit mechanism
  • Double sided
Type of bearing
  • Industrial Bearing / Needlebearing
Adjustable springtension
  • No
Angle to disengage
  • 0 - 15°

The Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly V2 pedals with walkable cleats. This version comes with cleats which have been rounded off, making them easier to walk on. The Chrome-Moly series is the basic version in the Speedplay Zero range. At just 111 grams per pedal and its wide range of adjustability, it's by no means basic in its performance! The list of properties of the Speedplay Zero pedal range could be a straight copy of a pro's wish-list. No other pedal comes close to the Zero when it comes to adjustability, weight, and durability. By throwing out all the conventional ideas about clipless pedals (Version 1.0 isn't always the best), Speedplay has created and patented the most advanced pedal system to date.

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Delivery includes

• Set Zero Chrome-Moly pedals
• Speedplay walkable cleats

Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly + Walkable Cleat Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Look Keo Blade Look Keo Blade Carbon
Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly + Walkable Cleat Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Look Keo Blade Look Keo Blade Carbon

35 reviews

16 reviews

2 reviews
Pedal axle material Chromoly steel Steel Chromoly steel Chromoly steel
Body material Composite Carbon Composite Carbon
Cleats included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Colour Black / Blue / Green / Red / White Black Black / White Black
Click-fit mechanism Double sided One side One side One side
Type of bearing Industrial Bearing / Needlebearing Cup-Cone Industrial Bearing Industrial Bearing
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8.7 / 10

35 reviews

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Most recent reviews

John, 5 May 2017

Good solid and flexible pedal cleat system

Cheapest combined set I could find for speedplay - excellent value

David, 30 April 2017

great race day pedals

I use them for TTing. Low stack, aero and practical to walk around in.

Jiri, 2 April 2017

Great product ;)

Great pedals, indeed. All have three bikes, three Speedplay and four pairs of shoes - great combination ;)

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Paul, 25 December 2016

Excellent piece of kit

Great pedal at a super price

Giso, 20 December 2017

Zeer tevreden over de grote mate van instelbaarheid.

Na de Time RXS en later de Look Keo blade pedalen, nu de Speedplay pedalen uitgeprobeerd. Over de Time pedalen was ik altijd al enthousiast, omdat die pedalen ervoor zorgde dat ik weinig last van knieklachten had. Vanwege uitfaseren van de RXS serie overgestapt op de Look Keo blade, maar na 6 maanden toch weer knieklachten ondanks de grijze plaatjes. Nu de Speedplay pedalen gekozen, ondanks dat er relatief weinig reviews over te vinden zijn. Dus toch een beetje gezwicht voor de marketing van Speedplay zelf. Tot nu toe zeer tevreden. Weinig tot geen knieklachten. Hopen dat dat zo blijft als in het nieuwe seizoen de langere tochten weer op het programma staan.

  • Goed instelbaar
  • Makkelijk uitklikken
  • Grote grondspeling in bochten
  • Dure schoenplaatjes

Detailed product description

Speedplay pedals have several advantages over other road bike pedals. For instance, your foot is very close to the axle of the pedal, optimising your power transfer. The pedal is also extremely flat, allowing you to pedal into corners for longer as well as aiding aerodynamics. You can also engage to the pedal from two sides, as the locking mechanism is located in the cleats. These also allow you to adjust the play between 0 and 15 degrees. As the mechanism is located in the cleats, the pedals stay nice and light.

Manufacturer specifications

• Material axle: chromo steel
• 2 industrial bearings, 1 needle bearing
• Efficient pedal stroke because of the minimal distance to the axle
• Double-sided for additional user friendliness
• Adjustable play: 0-15 degrees
• Increased ground clearance means higher cornering speeds
• Stack height 11.5mm (3-point sole), 8,5mm (4-point sole)

Weight excluding cleats (weighed by Mantel):
• 222 grams per set