Shimano Unzen 2 Backpack

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Pros & Cons

  • The bag has an extra compartment for storing a hydration pack.
  • The backpack is equipped with elastic straps for carrying, for example, protectors or jackets.
  • The waistband is removable, making it easy to use for a day out.
  • The bag is delivered without hydration system.


Brand Shimano
Hydration System CompatibleYes, not included
Pack Volume2.0 litres
Reservoir Size2.0 litres
All specifications


The Shimano Unzen 2 hydration pack is designed for adventurous off-road riding on tough, hilly terrain. Under the deceptively peaceful surface of the Unzen mountain in southern Japan lies the enormous explosive power of a volcano. The hidden primal force of this mountain inspired Shimano to create the Unzen drinking backpack collection.

The Unzen backpacks have no unnecessary straps or extra volume that hold you back. This makes them ideal for an off-road riding style. After placing your drinking system, simply add your tools and your favourite energy bar. Secure the Rider Fit X-Harness and head for the hills. Shimano's Accu3D technology, tailored to your body shape, allows you to leave the beaten track.

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Hydration System Compatible Yes, not included Yes Yes No
Pack Volume 2.0 litres 2.5 litres 9.0 litres
Reservoir Size 2.0 litres 1.5 litres 2.5 litres
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All specifications

Additional information

• Helmet holder
• Reservoir compression
• Cycling glasses holder
• Tool box
• Easy side access
• Elastic straps for carrying protectors or jackets for example
• Reflective elements
• Fleece bag for valuables
• Removable waistband
• Securing loop for lighting
• Weight: 345 grams
• Capacity: 2 litres