Shimano SPD-SL Cleats

Freedom of movement
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Pros & Cons

  • Due to their different strengths, every rider can choose the right cleat.
  • New cleats make it easy to click in and out and make you feel more comfortable in the pedal.
  • Sensitive to wear. Cleats aren't engineered to last a lifetime and need to be replaced every now and then.
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Brand Shimano
Compatible with Road Pedals
All specifications


With these Shimano SPD-SL cleats for road bike pedals, you'll be securely fastened again and can easily click in and out. These SPD-SL cleats are available in three variants, yellow, blue and red. These variants each have a different degree of play.

Yellow cleats
The yellow cleats have the highest degree of play. These are the standard cleats that come with most Shimano road bike pedals. These cleats have a clearance of 6 degrees, which gives you a lot more freedom of movement when cycling. The advantage being that you can ridein comfort and there is a smaller chance that your knees or other body parts will trouble you . The disadvantage is that you lose energy due to the play.
This cleat is used by many groups of cyclists, from recreational to professional. However, there are a lot of more fanatical cyclists who opt for a cleat with less play.

Blue Cleats
These blue cleats have 2 degrees of play and therefore have less play than the yellow cleats. This means that the foot's freedom of movement is reduced when it is clicked to the pedal, resulting in less energy loss during cycling. The disadvantage here is that it is more difficult to find an ideal position for the foot while cycling, which increases the risk of knee problems. To avoid this, the adjustment of the cleat must be done with greater precision.

Red cleats
Shimano's red cleats have no slack at all. This means that the foot has no freedom of movement during cycling, which means that almost all energy benefits the cycling movement. This allows you to ride harder and have more control using this pedal. Thanks to these characteristics, these cleats are often used by competition cyclists. The disadvantage of these cleats is that the adjustment is very accurate and therefore needs to be done with great precision. If the cleats are not properly adjusted, there is a greatly increased risk of complaints to knees or other body parts.

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8.9 / 10 Average from 623 reviews | Write a review

8.9 / 10

623 reviews


  • affordable (1)
  • easy attachment (1)
  • trustable brand (1)
  • many options angles (1)


  • Difficult to walk (cleats always are though) (1)

Most recent reviews

8 / 10

Jouni, 10 August 2019

value for your money

good product


  • affordable
  • easy attachment
  • trustable brand
  • many options angles

9 / 10

Krzysztof, 16 October 2017

Everything all right

7 / 10

ROBERT, 26 September 2017

Good performance average wear

Clip in and out very nicely when new, but wear quite quickly if walked on for any distance

9 / 10

John, 21 July 2017

Good cleats great price

Good fit for purpose product from Shimano as always


  • Direct power to the cranks


  • Difficult to walk (cleats always are though)

10 / 10

Steven, 4 April 2017

Great price

Shimano replacement cleats at a great price when combined with other purchases


  • Price

All specifications

Additional information

• Red: 0 degrees play
• Blue: 2 degrees play
• Yellow: 6 degrees play

The cleats come as a pair including mounting hardware, 6 screws and 6 rings. Do not forget to grease the screws, so demounting the cleats should not be a problem.