Shimano R9100-P Powermeter

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Pros & Cons

  • Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ signal for communication with your cycling computer.
  • Easy Zero reset by just pressing one button.
  • Wireless system updates possible.
  • Only suitable for Dura Ace chainwheels.
  • Not suitable for BB386 bottom brackets.
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Brand Shimano
Measurement Dual-sided
Measuring PositionCrank
Power SourceRechargeable battery
Compatible withShimano
Type of axle 24 mm (Hollowtech II)
BCD 110 mm
All specifications


With the Shimano R9100-P double sided power meter Shimano sets a high quality power meter on the market. This product is perfect if you already have a 9100 crankset so you can directly swap the chain rings for these ones. If Shimano comes with a new product you can rest assured that it has been tested thoroughly and works without fault. The system is waterproof in all conditions. The battery is chargeable with a cable and doesn't have to be replaced therefore. Fully charged the battery lasts +/- 300 hours, depending on the weather and use. The advantage of riding with power meter is that it's not dependent on shape, tiredness, or weather so always displayed in the same way. This makes it a better benchmark than heart rate during cycling. The combination of both says a lot about load and build-up. With the right balance between exercise and rest your power will increase with the same heart rate. The Dura Ace R9100 also measures cadence with a sensor that rotates along a magnet. Cadence measurement with a magnet is more accurate than a built-in accelerometer because the latter is influenced by vibrations. Can be connected via ANT+ or bluetooth.

Please note: Comes without chainwheels.

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Application Road Road Road Road
Measurement Dual-sided Dual-sided Dual-sided Dual-sided
Measuring Position Crank Spider Pedal Crank
Power Source Rechargeable battery Battery Rechargeable battery Battery
Cadence Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Shimano Shimano
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9.6 / 10 Average from 11 reviews | Write a review

9.6 / 10

11 reviews


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Most recent reviews

10 / 10

Karlos, 17 October 2019

Sensacional comprá.

Todo muy correcto y Sensacional atención. Envío rápido. Muy recomendable.

9 / 10

Jorge, 26 June 2019



  • Perfecto para entrenamientos
  • Fácil instalación
  • Calidad
  • Precio

10 / 10

Lionel, 10 January 2019


leger,discret,precis vraiment une reussite shimano a prix imbatable


  • leger
  • discret
  • fiable
  • precis
  • tres bon prix


  • rien

10 / 10

Manuel, 9 January 2019

Mucha calidad

9 / 10

Rubén, 9 January 2019

Para platos 9100.

No es compatible con los platos de la serie 9000. Y falta por mejorar las tapas del procesador y el conector. Son débiles y la del conector es fácil de perder.

All specifications

Measurement Dual-sided
Measuring PositionCrank
Power SourceRechargeable battery
Compatible withShimano
Type of axle 24 mm (Hollowtech II)
BCD 110 mm
CompatibilityANT+ / Bluetooth

Detailed product description

The wattage (torsion (power x crank length) x rpm) gives an objective impression of your muscle performance at any point of your ride. This has great advantages for relatively short intervals. For these, a heart rate monitor often isn’t reliable enough, as it might take up to two minutes to reach the heart rate zone related to your performance. Assuming that the weather or exhaustion don’t have an effect, a power meter provides accurate feedback within 5 seconds.That way, you don’t go too hard during those short intervals. With a power meter you know for sure what your performance is – any moment. This helps you to determine your limits and your speed. You can also do a specific workout, such as 'sweet spot training' for an ideal effect of your training. By registering your Training Stress Score (TSS) and Intensity Factor (IF) you can work out your “workout stimulation”. With this information, you can set up a precise training scheme which helps you to achieve your goals. You also prevent overtraining.

After each workout or race, you can use your Shimano power meter to analyse it in detail. You get to know exactly when you used power, how much and for how long. How did you use your power at a specific moment? Did you hit the wall? Did your legs not feel fresh? If so, where – and why? You’ll find the answer in the results. Maybe you find out that your legs didn’t feel fresh because you applied too much power with a low cadence. Of course, the workout might also have been a succes, so that you want to repeat (parts of it) later on. The power meter really is a source of inspiration. You can precisely measure your progress, both indoors and outdoors, in training and during a race. You’ll also make your trainer happy, as he can precisely adapt your training plan on what you need.

The Shimano FC-R9100-P power meter is 100% reliable, completely integrated in the crank and waterproof in all conditions. The integrated battery can be charged with a small magnetic adapter. You don’t need to open the case.
The instant response systeem constantly collects precise data on the power you deliver in different heart rate zones. The system can be reset easily with a shifter on the sender.

Manufacturer specifications

• Accurate real-time data
• Suitable for displys by other manufacturers
• Bluetooth Smart 4.0 / ANT+ technology
• Hollowtech II 24 mm as-construction
• Hollowglide chain fit
• Suitable for 11-speed