Selle Italia SP-01 Tekno Superflow Saddle

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Pros & Cons

  • Extraordinarily comfortable saddle because of the unique form.
  • Cut-out relieves pressure on the soft tissue areas.
  • Light as a feather, the weight comes in at just 125 gram!
  • Comfort has its price.
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Brand Selle Italia
Saddle TypeRoad / MTB
Cover materialCarbon
Rail MaterialCarbon
Saddle Shape Semi-Round
Weight 125 grams
Saddle Rail Diameter7 x 9 mm


The Selle Italia SP-01 has a futuristic design which offers a lot of comfort at a very low weight. SP-01 doesn't stand for Special Performance 01 without reason. The SP-01 saddle is made from two separate components able to move independent from one another. This way, your pelvis is optimally supported as you ride your bike. This enhances comfort, while still placing a sturdy high-performance saddle under your rear.

The ample use of carbon and spacious cut-out between the two components makes the SP-01 into a very light saddle. This high performance saddle weighs in at just 125 grams. The carbon components are hand-made with the fibres aligned in the direction most of the forces will be applied in through the saddle shell. They have been combined with so-called chopped fibres. The result is a saddle with a spectacular strength-to-weight ratio.

Saddle shape
This saddle has a semi-round rear part, making it highly suitable for riders who move a little while they ride and whose hips rock a little from side to side. The semi-round shape provides plenty of support for those riders while maintaining sufficient freedom of movement compared to a flat saddle.

This is an S-shaped saddle, meaning it’s raised at the back and lowered in the middle. This S-shape makes it possible for people with an inflexible spine to assume a proper riding position. This has to do with how easy these riders find it to rotate their pelvis. People with an inflexible spine often have more trouble rotating their pelvis, meaning they could use some extra support.

This saddle has a cut-out and alleviates pressure for those who often experience discomfort or pressure to their soft tissue areas.

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Saddle Type Road / MTB Road Road / Triathlon / Time Trial Road / MTB
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Cover material Carbon Carbon Leatherette Leatherette
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8 / 10

Marco, 21 June 2019

Comfortabel zadel voor langere ritten

Erg comfortabel zadel, geen last meer van tintelende ….


  • Comford
  • Gewicht
  • Looks


  • prijs

10 / 10

Gabriele, 18 July 2018

Sella fantastica

Sella estremamente leggera e comoda. Prodotto TOP consigliatissimo


  • Leggera
  • Comoda