Scope R3C Road Bike Wheels

Scope R3C Road Bike Wheels
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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely good braking power in dry and even in wet conditions.
  • Thanks to the high lateral stiffness, you don't pull the wheels against your brake pads.
  • Great price/quality ratio, they are not inferior to the quality of Zipp wheels.
  • Scope offers an extended 3 year warranty period and crash replacement program.
  • Scope wheels are developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with Schwalbe, SKF, TU Eindhoven and TU Delft; for a high quality product.
  • Scope wheels attract a lot of attention while on the road. Don't be surprised if curious cyclists come have a look at your wheels.
  • Scope R3C wheels don't come with wheel bags.
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Brand Scope
Manufacturer's weight 1440 grams
Type Set
Brake Type Rim brake
Rim Material Carbon
Collection 2020
Tyre Type Clincher / Tubeless
Maximum Rider Weight 95 kg
Bearing Type Industrial
All specifications



The Scope R3C road bike wheels are lightweight and stiff. This is partly due to the 30mm carbon rims with straightpull spokes. The Scope R3C wheels are perfect for use in hilly areas or in the mountains. Besides, thanks to their stiffness and low weight, the Scope R3C wheelset also offers great acceleration. Furthermore, the wheels are equipped with a durable and reliable bearing system, and they provide excellent braking performance in all conditions, which is very useful in the mountains. The braking surfaces can withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees.

Scope is a relatively new brand in the market. Scope is a company based in Eindhoven Netherlands and works closely with, among other things, the Eindhoven University of Technology in the development of their products. Scope puts very good quality wheels on the market. These wheels are comparable to the larger wheel builders but at a more interesting price level. The fact that there is also no weight limit for the Scope R3C wheels simply means that they are super solid. Scope underlines this with a 3-year warranty and a crash replacement program.
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Delivery includes

• Scope R3C wheelset
• Scope quick releases
• Scope carbon brake pads
• Tubeless tape pre-installed
• Tubeless valves

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Manufacturer's weight 1440 grams 1555 grams 1621 grams
Type Set Set Set Set / Front Wheel / Rear Wheel
Brake Type Rim brake Rim brake Rim brake Rim brake
Rim Material Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon
Collection 2020 2020 2020 2021
Tyre Type Clincher / Tubeless Clincher Clincher Clincher / Tubeless
1,254.30 879.90 1,434.60 From 879.00
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All specifications

Brand Scope
Manufacturer's weight
1440 grams
Brake Type
Rim brake
Rim Material
Tyre Type
Clincher / Tubeless
Maximum Rider Weight
95 kg
Bearing Type
Rim Depth
30 mm
Rim Width
26 mm
Rim Width (internal)
19 mm
Recommended tyre width
25 mm / 28 mm / 30 mm / 32 mm
Number of spokes in front wheel
Number of spokes in rear wheel
Nipple Type
Nipple Material
Spoke Type
Straight Pull
Spoke Material
Stainless Steel
Brake Surface Material
Brake pads included
Quick Releases included
Wheel bags included
3 years
Extended warranty
Yes, after registration
Crash Replacement
Built-in width front hub
100 x 5 mm QR
Built-in width rear hub
130 x 5 mm QR

Detailed product description

High lateral stiffness
Scope wheels are built as a system, as a result the geometry of the hubs are optimised to create a very high stiffness while keeping an equal spoke tension. The extra wide flange distance in combination with the wide full carbon rim results in a very high lateral stiffness. So no more brake rub when pushing your pedals, instead all your energy is converted into speed.

Aero and tubeless
Computational Fluid Dynamics are used to reduce the impact of air resistance and crosswinds from all angles, making them perform better than other brands. The tyre bed of the rim is optimised for tubeless tyres while being compatible with all clincher tyres. The internal width of the rim is 19 mm, when mounting a 25 mm tyre the actual tyre diameter will become 26 mm, so they fit perfectly on the braking surfaces.

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft, Holland, helped Scope to optimise the carbon structure in order to optimise the strength and rigidity of the Scope wheels. Together they have further developed the local reinforcement technology, with which they have reduced the weight of all their racing and mountain bike rims.

Extreme durability
Durability is key to the lifespan of a hub. To protect the bearings from dirt and water, Scope has developed its own system. The axle end caps completely seal the hubs alongside the seals that seal the bearings themselves. Scope uses industrial SKF bearings. This helps to optimise the durability of the hubs.

3 Year Warranty
Quality is number 1 at Scope. After registering the wheelset on the website of Scope , within 30 days after purchase, you activate the 3-year warranty period. When registering your wheelset it is necessary to state the serial number. This can be found on the registration card supplied, the wheel box or on the rim bed.

Crash Replacement Program
Despite the high quality, a Scope wheelset is not always resistant to the effects of a black fall. Therefore, in addition to the 3-year warranty period, Scope offers a crash replacement program. Scope gives you the opportunity to replace the wheel after a crash at a reduced rate.

Additional information

Cycling News
(September 2019)
"The Scope R5 disc wheels are designed for day-to-day wear and tear mileage and a 3-year warranty is standard. They are more than one of the fastest options in the segment - lightweight and rigid, offering all the qualities of the more famous players at a lower price. "

(April 2019)
"The laboratory's results and riding impressions are compelling. In addition, the wheels impress with their appearance." "Overall, the wheels leave a great impression, a promising debut from a young Dutch brand."

(February 2018)
"Although I would not classify these R4d wheels specifically for cyclocross (neither does Scope), the wheelset seems to obscure the categorisation. In addition, they follow the No Excuse label from Scope. During the three seasons we used them, they cruised each road that we encountered without problems. And in combination with the serious and reliable Pro One Tubeless tires, we intend to continue to increase the number of smiley kilometers on different surfaces. "
(October 2017)
"With the Scope wheels, your bike becomes more beautiful, you ride lighter and you are more aerodynamic. In short, an increase in morale and speed. You don't have to doubt the strength of carbon fiber even when riding through a pit."

(July 2016)
"As for the R4c wheel, Scope certainly keeps its word: quality, rigidity, well-thought-out design and very fine handling make up the core of the wheel set. The wheels work very well with crosswinds and offer excellent braking - even on wet roads - and its functional all-round wheel for all types of terrain and weather conditions.

(July 2015)
"Really impressive in this segment." "Top figures for durability, very impressive." "The build quality is excellent, the rim is strong and robust, and the oak tension has only been good during this extensive test." Choices in the carbon fiber clincher market, making an informed choice is difficult. These wheels value well on the important criteria that a carbon fiber wheel must have: build quality, aerodynamics and braking performance.