Schwalbe Aerothan MTB Inner Tube

Schwalbe Aerothan MTB Inner Tube
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • The Aerothan MTB combines a very low weight (87 grams) with low rolling resistance.
  • The Aerothan MTB is entirely made of durable plastic, including the valve. As such, this inner tube is 100% recyclable.
  • Due to the elasticity of the material, the Aerothan MTB offers excellent protection against snake bites and damage from cuts.
  • Thanks to the Aerothan MTB's shape stability you can ride with low tyre pressure.
  • Note: The Aerothan MTB cannot be inflated outside the tyre (only up to 0.3 bar) due to the risk of deformations.
  • Only available with 40 mm valve length.
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Brand Schwalbe
Wheel Size 29 inch
Material Polyurethane
Tyre Width 54 mm / 2.10 inch / 57 mm / 2.25 inch / 60 mm / 2.35 inch / 62 mm / 2.50 inch
Valve Presta
Valve Length 40 mm
Removable valve core Yes



The Schwalbe Aerothan redefines the inner tube! By using a completely new type of plastic, Schwalbe brings together the most opposing characteristics of an inner tube: low rolling resistance, low weight and high puncture resistance. Thus, the Aerothan combines the puncture resistance of butyl inner tubes with the rolling resistance and weight of latex inner tubes.

The Schwalbe Aerothan MTB is suitable for mountain bikes with 29 inch wheels and fits tyres with widths between 2.10 (54 mm) and 2.40 inches (62 mm). The Presta valve is 40 mm long. The Aerothan is suitable for a variety of disciplines, from cross-country to enduro.

The Aerothan MTB shows how versatile the Aerothan material is. In the tough conditions of mountain biking you want to be able to fully rely on your tyres. With the Aerothan you absolutely can! Despite its very low weight of 87 grams per tube, puncture resistance is on the same level as most comparable butyl inner tubes. The material lasts long, offers shape stability and elasticity at the same time, and reduces the chance of snake bites and cuts. Thus, the Aerothan MTB inner tubes will not let you down even on the most challenging trails!

Compact size
The Aerothan MTB is not only much lighter than comparable butyl inner tubes, it is also more compact as the material is not as thick as butyl. This makes the Aerothan very handy to carry with you in a saddlebag or backpack as a spare. Or, if you want to bring even less with you, you can repair the Aerothan on the road with Schwalbe's Glueless Patches, which you simply stick on the Aerothan without sanding it. If you do, make sure the inner tube is clean.

100% recyclable
An Aerothan inner tube is 100% recyclable. Not only the tube itself is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, but so is the valve, from the cap to the valve core. This means that everything can be reused. However, while an Aerothan inner tube cannot be reused as an inner tube it can get a different purpose and be used as insulating material, for example. If you choose Aerothan, you choose durability!


Thermoplastic polyurethane: Aerothan
Schwalbe, in co-operation with BASF, has completely revised the Aerothan to meet all the specific requirements of an inner tube. For example, this thermoplastic polyurethane now has excellent heat resistance, which makes it suitable for use with rim brakes. Also, the elasticity and durability of the material make this inner tube very puncture resistant. Thanks to its high resilience and unique tensile strength, the Aerothan will stretch when faced with sharp objects, which greatly reduces the chance of penetration. Another advantage of the Aerothan is that this inner tube cannot burst during cycling. Therefore, you will never lose control of your bike because all the air suddenly escapes from the tyre. As the Aerothan slowly deflates, you can safely come to a stop.

Use: Cross-country, marathon, trail and enduro
Designation: SV19E
Wheel size: 29 inch
ETRTO: 54-622 - 62-622
Valve: SV, 40 mm
Packaging dimensions: 54 x 80 mm
Weight: 87 grams


The Schwalbe Aerothan MTB is suitable for mountain bikes with 29 inch wheels and for tyres with widths between 2.10 (54 mm) and 2.40 inches (62 mm). The Presta valve is 40 mm long. The Aerothan is suitable for a variety of disciplines, from cross-country to enduro.
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Pessimo prodotto

- Francesco 21 June 2021

Si bucano facilmente e se si prova a ripararle la pezza adesiva non tiene

Pros & Cons

Non si riparano
Si bucano facilmente

5 / 5


- Alessandro 2 June 2021

di facile montaggio , per ora nessuna foratura nel solito tragitto "maledetto" . sensazione di maggiore fluidità nella pedalata

Pros & Cons

semplicità di montaggio
non si adatta perfettamente al cerchione

5 / 5

Smooth and compact

- Dragos 22 May 2021

I've got it as a spare tube in case my tubeless tires fail. It's small, lightweight and seems very durable.

Pros & Cons


2 / 5

technologie is top, ventiel is brol

- Mick 22 May 2021

vier weken mee gereden, begin prima, maar na verschillende keren bij te pompen begint ventiel te lekken, niet erg betrouwbaar, of een maandag expemplaar gekregen,....;

Pros & Cons

kwaliteit ventiel

5 / 5

Prima binnenband

- John 21 March 2021

Reserve band mee nemen is makkelijker ivm de pakmaat verder geen probleem met er op leggen en gewicht scheelt ook

Pros & Cons

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