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Brand Pro
Saddle TypeRoad / MTB
Cover materialLeatherette
Rail MaterialStainless Steel
Saddle Shape Round
Weight 225 grams
Saddle Rail Diameter7 x 7 mm


The Pro Griffon is a comfortable performance-orientated saddle without a cut-out. It has been specifically designed for enthusiastic male cyclists who don't quickly experience discomfort to their behind. The saddle is available in two different widths, and the round shape has been reinforced with carbon. The saddle features shock-absorbing technology and has been fitted with comfortable and lightweight EVA padding.

Saddle shape
This saddle has a rounded-off rear part, making it highly suitable for riders who move around while they ride and whose hips rock from side to side. The round shape provides more freedom of movement for those riders than a flat saddle could.

This is a semi-flat saddle, meaning that the saddle is flat at the front, and raised a little at the back. The shape makes it particularly suitable for riders with a moderate degree of flexibility in their spine. This has to do with how easily these riders can rotate their pelvis: they might need a little extra support when riding upright, but can manage on their own when riding on the drops.

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Seat Bone Width 100-114 mm / 115-129 mm 100-114 mm / 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 100-114 mm / 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm 100-114 mm / 115-129 mm / 130-144 mm
Saddle Width 132mm / 142mm 128mm / 138mm / 148mm 128mm / 138mm / 148mm 132mm / 142mm / 152mm
Saddle Type Road / MTB Road / MTB Road / MTB Road / MTB
Cutout No Yes Yes Yes
Cover material Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette Leatherette
Rail Material Stainless Steel Steel Steel Stainless Steel
55.10 44.99 44.99 50.10
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All specifications

Manufacturer specifications

• Extremely lightweight Ethylene Vinyl Acetate padding
• Single-piece construction
• Polyurethane saddle cover