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Pirelli P Zero Velo Road Bike Tyre

Tyre Width
From £33.60
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  • Trustpilot review 9.3 out of 46.321 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent grip under all conditions.
  • Low rolling resistance.
  • The tyres feel supple.
  • Ideal racing tyre or for enthusiastic riders.
  • You might have the same rubber compound as Max Verstappen, you won't unfortunately be as quick.
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Brand Pirelli
Wheel Size 28 inch
Tyre TypeFoldable Tyre
Season Type Spring / Summer / Autumn
Weather TypeDry and warm / Cold and wet
Rolling resistance/speed ★★★★★
Puncture Resistance ★★★★☆
Mileage ★★★☆☆
Traction ★★★★★


The Pirelli P Zero Velo is the new high-end allround bicycle tyre by Pirelli. The knowledge and know-how gained through years of experience in various disciplines of motorsport have lead to the creation of their crown jewel, the Pirelli P Zero Velo bicycle tyre. The same tyre technologies used in motorsport have been incorporated in the Pirelli P Zero Velo clincher tyre. The heart of the tyre is Pirelli's very own SmartNET Silica rubber compound. The compound of the Pirelli P Zero Velo tyre is used in Formula 1 as the intermediate tyre; their fast allround tyre. The compound offers excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, decent puncture protection, durability, and low rolling resistance. This combination of performance makes the Pirelli P Zero Velo the new standard in the world of road cycling tyres!

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Quantity 1 piece / 2 pieces 1 piece / 2 pieces 1 piece / 2 pieces
Wheel Size 28 inch 28 inch 28 inch 28 inch
Tyre Type Foldable Tyre Foldable Tyre Foldable Tyre / Skinwall Look Foldable Tyre / Skinwall Look
Season Type Spring / Summer / Autumn Spring / Summer / Autumn Spring / Summer / Autumn Spring / Summer / Autumn
Weather Type Dry and warm / Cold and wet Dry and warm / Cold and wet Dry and warm / Cold and wet Dry and warm
Rolling resistance/speed ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
From £33.60 From £34.49 £33.95 From £29.10
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Customer photos


8.9 / 10 Average from 80 reviews | Write a review
8.9 / 10

80 reviews


  • Light (2)
  • Grip (1)
  • Quality (1)
  • Style (1)


  • Expensive (1)
  • 28mm tyre can impact on fork clearance, check.. (1)

Most recent reviews

10 / 10

Michael, 15 March 2018

Top Quality

These tyres look the part and feel really good on the road. Although I haven’t used them in the wet yet, I can feel the good grip. Easy to get on and off and feel pretty light too.


  • Light
  • Grip
  • Quality
  • Style


  • Expensive

10 / 10

Kris, 29 October 2017

Awesome grip and a confident composed ride

I bought these on a 28mm as a treat for a Mallorca cycle trip. My frame supposedly took 28mm but the clearance on the front fork was minimal, but just enough. I ran them on 80psi and 100psi and found them to be smoother on 80psi. We had 3 glorious days of sunshine and one very wet day. In the dry the tyres were brilliant, I found myself laying the bike over with utter confidence, the grip on these things is special, but it’s the marriage of that grip with a composed smooth ride that puts them into a different league. I was concerned over their performance in the wet, but really didn’t need to be. They did pick up a bit of gravel (the compound is quite sticky) but again the grip was exceptional, even on wet corners. On the last mountain downhill, I’d developed such confidence that I was attacking hairpin bends like I did in the dry on my old tyres. Scared the c”@p out of my mates, who thought I was going to kill myself! If only they’d been able to ride my bike, they’d have got it! These tyres actually left me with a smile on my face, and I found myself boring everyone as to how good they are.


  • Dry grip
  • Wet grip
  • Smoothness over rough tarmac


  • 28mm tyre can impact on fork clearance, check..

9 / 10

Jonathan, 21 August 2017

Future legend?

The reviews I have read to date are accurate. These tires are supple, instantly making them feel quick, super grippy and lightweight. The only reason they get a nine not ten is because I've not had them long enough to question the longevity.


  • Lightweight
  • Supple
  • Quality brand

10 / 10

Gerard, 18 August 2017

Fantastic tyres, Love them they are brilliant

Lovely rolling tyre. I am impressed with their handling in the wet conditions.


  • Light

9 / 10

Sander, 23 May 2019

Top banden!

Fijne band, makkelijk op te leggen. Op 7 bar, erg comfortabel (ik rij wel met latex binnenbanden). Stuk beter dan mijn Mavic banden die ik hiervoor reed. Ook een mooie band en goede ‘merkbeleving’. Nu nog trainen dat ik ook, in verhouding, net zo snel als Max op de fiets ben


  • Makkelijk monteren
  • Soepel
  • Comfortabel
  • Mooi

All specifications

Detailed product description

SmartNET Silica®
Pirelli’s patented state of the art compound made using a unique formula. Developed from years of motorsport experience including the pinnacle of motorsport: Formula 1. SmartNET Silica offers cyclists a truly uncompromising road cycling experience. It ensures low rolling resistance, grip on both wet and dry road surfaces, durability, puncture resistance, and a low overall weight to boot.

The unique longitudinally shaped silica particles manage to align and place themselves evenly throughout the compound. This offers a predictable response from the tyre and keeps the rolling resistance low. This in contrast to many tyres which often have irregular structures. The SmartNET Silica compound responds to a wet road surface. The silica and other particles in the compound align to create a strong lattice. This improves both durability and puncture resistance.

FGD - Functional Groove Design
The Pirelli P Zero Velo and P Zero Velo 4S both feature FGD (Functional Groove Design). This groove technology are inspired by motorsport and virtually identical to the grooves on the SSP tyre (SuperSport class in the World SuperBike racing competition): the Diablo Supercorsa. The tread has multiple functions. It helps you get the most from the tyre when it comes to water dispersion, dry and wet grip, durability, tyre response, comfort, and handling. The Functional Groove Design is reminiscent of a lightning bolt, which has several different reasons.

The tread has very acute angles in the middle with a clear sideways opening for water to be drained through, as well as for suppleness and user-friendliness. The tread design has been engineered with a progressively increasing depth intended to improve the rebound of the tyre and improve the responsiveness of the tyre, even in sharp turns at high speed. The positioning of the grooves ensures that you’ve got several different contact points between the road and the tyre. This helps you get the most from the tyre.

ICS - Ideal Contour Shaping
The shape of the tyre is just as important as the materials and tread pattern. Pirelli has used CAD software, repeated simulations, and follow-up analysis to optimise the contour and shape of the tyre. This optimises the contact points between the tyre and road surface, getting the most from the compound and tread design. Grip, stability, and a responsive yet controlled reaction to any road surface. The tyre performs equally well whether you’re on the flats, coming down a fast descend, or taking sharp turns.

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