Magura Vyron Elect

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Brand Magura
Length446 mm
Offset0 mm
Saddle Rail Diameter7 x 7 mm / 7 x 9 mm / 7 x 10 mm / 8 x 8.5 mm
Suitable for oval railsYes
Dropper Post Yes
Drop150 mm
Control TypeWireless
All specifications


A first in the world of All-Mountain bikers and Enduro riders. The Vyron by Magura is the first wireless dropper post. No cables or hydraulic lines. This makes swapping the seat post between bikes an absolute breeze.

Ever since the introduction of dropper posts, they've become increasingly popular in the mountain bike scene. They've become an integral component to Enduro and All-Mountain disciplines. They allow you to drop the height of your saddle at the mere push of a button. In the case of the Vyron by no less than 150 mm in fact. This gives you more space to move around on the bike, increasing your safety as well.

The Magura Vyron can also be considered the most user-friendly dropper post out there. The wireless system can raise and lower your saddle with a push of a button on the MAGURA eLECT Remote. The wireless ANT+ technology has proven itself in numerous cross country races. It was already in use on the Magura eLECT front forks and rear dampers.

The battery is capable of raising and lowering the saddle 400 times on a single charge. Should the Vyron run out of power during your ride, you can still operate the post manually using a button under the saddle. Charging is done using a micro-USB cable. A motion sensor sets the Vyron to sleep mode when it notices you're not riding in order to save battery power. In order to properly set up the Magura Vyron you'll need to set the right pressure using a special front fork damper pump.

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8.3 / 10 Average from 29 reviews | Write a review

8.3 / 10

29 reviews


  • Ease of installation and use (1)
  • Simple, light control which doesn't interfere with (1)
  • Quality of build (1)
  • Ease of installation (1)


  • Needs a shortish seat-tube (1)
  • Mechanism position under saddle - (1)
  • - toolbar may need re-positioning... (1)
  • Remote button too close to optional arrow buttons (1)

Most recent reviews

9 / 10

Craig, 25 April 2017

Great product

I purchased this as I have a 2013 Orange Five and do not want external cables for a dropper post and this was the perfect solution. It is a brilliant post and is smooth and very little play at the saddle. I have been using it extensively for three weeks and am very pleased with it. The only downfall is that the delay from the button being pressed and the valve opening is a fraction of a second longer than a traditional post. It means that you have to activate it a fraction sooner than you would with a cable/hydraulic style. I cannot fault Mantels service either, next day delivery when most U.K. Retailers are two days. Excellent!

9 / 10

Gill, 30 December 2016

Love it

Easy to fit straight from the box. Seemless sync of remote to base unit. Came with charge so could play immediately. Responsive activation for both lowering and raising.

7 / 10

Alistair, 25 December 2016

Easy, cable-free setup, and intuitive in use

Nice and solid, simple to install and to switch between bikes. Wireless control is easy to use; some will find the short delay between pressing the button and actual activation a problem at first, but it took me only one outing to get used to it. After several months I still haven't run out of charge - though it is very easy and quick to recharge.


  • Ease of installation and use
  • Simple, light control which doesn't interfere with


  • Needs a shortish seat-tube
  • Mechanism position under saddle -
  • - toolbar may need re-positioning...

9 / 10

Graham, 23 June 2016

A big step forward in ease of use and installation

If you have ever fitted a standard cable operated dropper post, you understand when I say I was surprised by how quick and easy installation of this system is. Up and running in 10 minutes. For my MtB's, which have crowded internal cable management systems, it is great to be cable free. I can sell one of my two dropper posts, because this Vyron post can swap between bikes in a couple of minutes. Operation is smooth and predictable and the control button is easy to fit on the bars, left or right,below or above. The operation control button on the remote is too close to the arrow buttons (for suspension users only) and it means spreading the operating thumb or finger across the buttons to ensure quick, first time function. There is a tiny (0.5 second or a little less) delay between button push and relate or lift of the post - this needs a couple of rides to get used to, then all is ok.


  • Quality of build
  • Ease of installation
  • No cables!
  • Easy to swap between bikes with the same seat tube
  • smooth operation


  • Remote button too close to optional arrow buttons
  • A tiny delay between button push and post movement

10 / 10

William, 26 April 2016

Great product

Works well, delivery was super quick


  • Wireless
  • Looks great


  • Delay when pressing the button

All specifications

Additional information

• Adjustment range: 150 mm (446 mm)
• Seat post clamp: 2-bolt system with 0 mm offset
• Weight: 595g including remote
• Signal: ANT+
• Battery remote: CR-2032
• Batterij dropper: NiMH chargeable battery
• Charging time: 3 hours
• Not suspended