Garmin Edge 820 Cycle Computer Bundle

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Pros & Cons

  • This version includes heart rate-, speed-, and cadence sensors.
  • Grouptrack, keep track of the pack during rides.
  • Incident detection, it even sends your GPS location to your emergency contact in case of a crash.
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Brand Garmin
Battery Life 15 hours
Navigation usingRoute calculated during your ride / Preloaded route / Route created on smartphone
Surprise Me featureYes
Map View Yes
Maps OpenStreetMap
Expandable Map Yes
Map UpdatesYes, free
Satellite SignalGalileo / GLONASS / GPS
All specifications


The Garmin Edge 820 Bundle is more than a typical cycling computer with sensors. This bicycle navigation is designed to provide the user with all the comforts he needs. As a touring cyclist you can use the Edge 820 with turn-by-turn navigation or as a GPS bike computer, so you never get lost again.

For the performance-oriented cyclist, many training possibilities have been built into the Garmin Edge 820. For example, the device measures stress score, extensive cycling dynamics, FTP value, recovery time and VO2 max, allowing you to work more specifically on your fitness. This bike computer has the same dimensions as the Garmin Edge 520 but is equipped with a touchscreen that can be operated with gloves. It also has more features than the Garmin Edge 1000. The barometric altimeter provides accurate data while riding. Should you unexpectedly fall off your bicycle, the incident detection switches itself and can send an automatic message to a set contact person.

What is the benefit of the Garmin Edge 820 Bundle?

This bundle contains a heart rate monitor, speed sensor and cadence sensor. Data from sensors is much more accurate. Measure your average and max heart rate with Garmin's Premium Heart Rate Belt. Use the magnetic-less speed and Cadence Sensor to measure your current speed, average speed and stage frequency. If you are interested in an Edge 820 without sensors, please check the Garmin Edge 820

To take advantage of the 60 days free Strava Summit, you will need to register with Garmin. If you have connected the device to Garmin Connect and you have linked the Garmin Connect account to your Strava account, the 2 months will be automatically activated free of charge. There is no need to enter codes.

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Delivery includes

• Garmin Edge 820
• Heart rate monitor
• Speed sensor
• Cadence sensor
• Mounts (standard and Out Front mount)
• USB-cable
• Charger

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Battery Life 15 hours 20 hours 20 hours 15 hours
Navigation using Route calculated during your ride / Preloaded route / Route created on smartphone Preloaded route / Route created on smartphone Route calculated during your ride / Preloaded route / Route created on smartphone Preloaded route / Route created on smartphone
Surprise Me feature Yes No Yes No
Map View Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maps OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap Global Maps
Expandable Map Yes Yes Yes Yes
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8.8 / 10 Average from 172 reviews | Write a review

8.8 / 10

172 reviews


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Most recent reviews

9 / 10

Curtis, 31 January 2017

Great piece of kit

10 / 10

Patrick, 23 January 2017

Brilliant piece of kit

Brilliant piece of kit and excellent service


  • Features


  • Price

10 / 10

Zoe, 16 January 2017

Hubby very happy with this device

Great product, great service, thank you

9 / 10

Greg, 1 January 2017

simply the best option

Loads of features, not bulky, great screen


  • Light weight
  • Good looks


  • Set up time

10 / 10

Lena, 30 December 2016

Great device

You have to get used to the handing of the functions. Doesn't take too long to understand the system. I followed a route which I have build with strava and put on the Garmin. The navigation works fine. It notifies you about a turn approx. 150m in advance and then 50m before you have to turn. If you missed the turn, it tries to navigate you back to the route! Wonderful! Also the navigation without a pre-set route works well. I have not yet had the chance to test to cadence and heart rate sensor.

All specifications

Battery Life 15 hours
Navigation usingRoute calculated during your ride / Preloaded route / Route created on smartphone
Surprise Me featureYes
Map View Yes
Maps OpenStreetMap
Expandable Map Yes
Map UpdatesYes, free
Satellite SignalGalileo / GLONASS / GPS
Turn by Turn Navigation Yes
Route RecalculationYes
Points of InterestYes
Compatible withSmartphone / Tablet / PC
Compatible appsGarmin Connect / Strava app / TrainingPeaks / Endomondo
Display smartphone notificationsYes
Strava Live SegmentsYes
Live Tracking Yes, via phone
Sensor ConnectionANT+
Speed Sensor Yes, included
Cadence Sensor Yes, included
Heart Rate Monitor Yes, included
Power MeterYes, is possible
Altimeter Yes, barometric
Shimano Di2 compatibleYes
Temperature DisplayYes
Screen Size2.3 inch
Screen Resolution 200 x 265 Pixels
Full Colour DisplayYes
Width (cm)4,9
Depth (cm)2.1
Height (cm)7.3
Weight67.7 grams
Connector plug USB
Waterproof Rating IPX7

Detailed product description

GroupTrack will find your friends again

You don't have to feel alone if you ride faster or slower than your friends. With the new GroupTrack feature, you can pair it with Garmin Connect™ so you always know where your cycling friends are and they can see where you are.

The ultimate touchscreen

The Edge 820 is equipped with many powerful features, but especially the high-resolution touchscreen will appeal to you. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen so that you can see everything at a glance crystal clear. The capacitive touchscreen is easy to operate even when it's wet or when you wear gloves.

Advanced performance measurement

The Garmin Edge 820 bike computer is compatible with ANT+ sensors. You can connect the 820 to speed sensors, cadence sensors and heart rate monitors, and for even more performance data, the Edge 820 is also compatible with ANT+ power meters. The unit can also be integrated into ANT+ electronic switching systems, such as Shimano DI2 and ANT+ compatible bicycle trainers from Tacx, for example. By using a heart rate band, you can also have access to all kinds of physiological data. While cycling, you can keep an eye on the VO2 max value, and after cycling, you can use the function Recovery advice to analyse your data. With this tool, you can see how long you need to recover before you venture back to the next intensive bike training. This system of paired sensors, accessories, bike computer and back-to-back analysis via Garmin Connect keeps you up to date with your physical condition every time you ride.

Garmin Edge 820 performance features

VO2 max, recovery time, Strava Live Segments, Performance Condition, Stress Score, Extended Cycling Dynamics, FTP and Watt/kg tracking. All means to improve your form.

Turn-by-turn Navigation with preloaded Garmin bike map

Use GPS turn-by-turn navigation to find your way, both on ground roads and untraveled paths. The Garmin Bicycle Map provides navigable roads and cycle lanes, elevation data, points of interest, and the ability to find addresses. When you use the tour function, the Edge 820 selects a bike-friendly route, from start to finish, based on the distance you want to travel.

Compatible with the Garmin Varia products

The Edge 820 is equipped with accident detection through an integrated accelerometer. If you get into trouble, the map location will be passed to a contact to warn you in case of an emergency. To help prevent accidents, the Edge 130 is also compatible with our extensive range of Garmin Varia™ products for safer biking, including rearview radar and smart bike lighting, so you can keep a good view of the surroundings while you're riding. When the Edge 130 is coupled with this bike lights or the radar that detects oncoming traffic, you do not only have good visibility, but you also remain visible to other road users.

Adapt to your wishes and pair it with your phone

It is your device, so you can personalise it as you like with the customisable data fields and free apps that you can download. Check out the offers in the Connect IQ store and choose to customise your Garmin Edge 820. Remember that as you ride your bike, the Garmin Edge 820 GPS cycling Computer also keeps you connected to the rest of the world through smart notifications, live tracking, social media sharing and automatic upload to Garmin Connect, Garmin's free online fitness community.

LiveTrack is easier now

LiveTrack, and GroupTrack allow your family, friends and co-drivers to determine your location in real time while you're riding, and the features are even easier to use now. Enabling autostart allows you to pay more attention to the ride and less to the technology. Both LiveTrack and GroupTrack can automatically detect when you start cycling, eliminating the need to pick up your phone. Auto start is also available for the new Strava Beacon, allowing Strava Premium subscribers to use the same great feature. So that while you're cycling, you know that the people at home and the other cyclists know better than ever where you are.

Wherever you go with the Garmin Edge 820

Whenever you ride in remote forests with thick foliage or along tall buildings in the city, thanks to the high-quality GPS and GLONASS chip, the Edge 820 can determine your position quickly and accurately, anywhere in the world.

What is the battery life of the Garmin Edge 820?

New extended battery life for longer rides. Up to 15 hours in GPS training mode, and 50% more in the new battery saving mode.

Manufacturer specifications

Device dimensions (LxWxH): 7.3 x 4.9 x 2.1 cm
Display: 5.8cm
Weight device: 67.7g
Battery type: Li-ion

New functions:
• VO2max
• Recovery time
• Strava Live segments
• Performance condition
• Stress score
• Extended cycling dynamics
• Group Track
• Garmin Connect IQ apps
• Incident detection
• Watt / kg tracking

Customer Service
020 3695 9922