Fulcrum Racing Zero Road Bike Wheels

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Pros & Cons

  • The USB ceramic bearings spin very smoothly.
  • The fat, bladed spokes give the wheels a striking appearance and reduce the chances of spoke failure.
  • The C17 version has a wide rim which improves aerodynamics and comfort.
  • The wheels are stiff and lightweight, making them ideal for climbing and highly responsive.
  • The aerodynamics aren't great. For that, you'll need a deeper and more rounded rim design.
  • The wheels aren't tubeless ready.
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Brand Fulcrum
Manufacturer's weight1495 grams
Brake TypeRim brake
Rim MaterialAluminium
Tyre Type Clincher
Maximum Rider Weight 110 kg
Bearing TypeCup-Conus
All specifications


The Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 wheelset features a wider rim design suitable for 25 mm tyres. The wider rim allows the tyre to sit flush with the edge of the wheel, creating a more aerodynamic profile, and allowing the 25 mm tyre to offer optimal comfort while also reducing rolling resistance.

The rim in the rear wheel is deeper (30 mm) than the one in the front (25 mm). The lightweight carbon rear hub has a raised flange on the drive side of the wheel. The combination of the deeper rim and taller flange allows for shorter spokes. These in turn improve the lateral rigidity and increase the efficiency of the power transfer.

The Racing Zero hubs are fitted with Fulcrum USB ceramic bearings. The bearings are lighter, more resistant to external factors, and offer a lower rolling resistance compared to standard industrial bearings. The body has been given a strengthening Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment to prevent the cassette biting into the body. The wheels are available with either a Shimano/Sram body or Campagnolo body.

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Delivery includes

• Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 wheelset
• Quick release skewers

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83 reviews

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Manufacturer's weight 1495 grams
Type Set Set / Front Wheel / Rear Wheel Set / Front Wheel / Rear Wheel Set / Front Wheel / Rear Wheel
Brake Type Rim brake Rim brake Rim brake Rim brake
Rim Material Aluminium Carbon Carbon Carbon
Collection 2020 2019 2019 2019
Tyre Type Clincher Clincher Clincher Clincher
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9.4 / 10 Average from 83 reviews | Write a review

9.4 / 10

83 reviews


  • Looks (2)
  • light (2)
  • 25 mm tyres (1)
  • reduced rolling resistance (1)


  • Bearings (so far) (1)
  • Front not true. (1)
  • On the firm side (1)
  • non as yet (1)

Most recent reviews

9 / 10

Andrew, 27 August 2019

very good wheels.

Had Fulcrum Racing 5's before, these wheels are a great improvement.


  • lighter
  • 25 mm tyres
  • reduced rolling resistance

7 / 10

Neil, 4 August 2019

Nice wheels but would expect better.

Nice wheels but front is a little out of true and the bearings are not as smooth as expected, front feels a little gritty, needs more rides and report back.


  • Weight
  • Looks
  • Price


  • Bearings (so far)
  • Front not true.

9 / 10

Dennis, 18 July 2018

Very good wheels

wheels feel light, spin up faster and hold speed better than my previous cheapos

10 / 10

Regis, 19 June 2018

Fast, responsive and solid.

Excellent set of aluminium wheels. Beautifully engineered and put together. Perfectly true out of the box and really really good looking. The ride is both smooth and firm and speed is accrued effortlessly.


  • Fast
  • Superb build
  • Solid
  • Light
  • Smooth hubs


  • On the firm side

9 / 10

Steve, 29 April 2018

Stiff, strong, good looking and easy rolling.

Bought these to replace the OEM Fulcrum 5.5s, these are not much lighter (300g) but seem to roll so much more freely than the 5.5s. The spoke configuration also gives the a much light look. Would recommend them, only giveìng the 910 as i thought they'd be a lot lighter than the 5.5s.


  • Looks
  • Free rolling
  • Stiffness

All specifications

Manufacturer's weight1495 grams
Brake TypeRim brake
Rim MaterialAluminium
Tyre Type Clincher
Maximum Rider Weight 110 kg
Bearing TypeCup-Conus
Rim Depth27mm / 30mm
Rim Width22.5 mm
Rim Width (internal)17 mm
Recommended tyre width 25 mm / 28 mm / 30 mm / 32 mm / 35 mm / 37 mm / 40 mm / 42 mm / 47 mm / 50 mm
Number of spokes in front wheel16
Number of spokes in rear wheel21
Nipple TypeExternal
Nipple MaterialAluminum
Spoke TypeStraight Pull
Spoke MaterialAluminium
Brake Surface MaterialAluminium
Brake pads includedNo
Quick Releases includedYes
Warranty 2 years
Extended warranty No
Crash Replacement No
Built-in width front hub 100 x 5 mm QR
Built-in width rear hub 130 x 5 mm QR
Decal ColourGrey

Detailed product description

USB - Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings
Fulcrum has quite the reputation for producing extremely high-quality hubs, especially when it comes to smoothness and reliability. The development of new hubs is all done at Fulcrum with an extreme focus on precision.

Hubs with Ceramic USB bearings offer an enormous advantage for road racers and triathletes when it comes to low rolling resistance, weight reduction, and durability.

The concept is both simple and elegant: balance the wheel by adding a small weight opposite of the valve.

2:1 - Two To One
When you apply power to the pedals, the forces will be transferred to the rear wheel and propel your bike forward. The last thing you want is for that power to be wasted during this transfer. Fulcrum has solved this by using their patented 2:1 Two to One spoke pattern, doubling the amount of spokes on the side where it's needed most.

DRSC - Directional Rim-Spoke Coupling
Exclusive rim-spoke connection, which allows Fulcrum to create equal tension in the rim, spokes, nipples, and hubs under all conditions.

A system which uses a magnet to place the spoke nipples. This system negates the need of spoke holes on the inside of the rim.

Anti-Rotational System
This new system takes lacing the spokes to a whole new level. The engineers at Fulcrum have adapted the spoke- and hub design to create an even more rigid construction. The results:
- The spokes never lose their torsional rigidity, which will mean the wheel stays true.
- They maintain their windtunnel-tested position, to maximise aerodynamic efficiency.

Manufacturer specifications

• Type: Clincher
• Material: Aluminium
• Inner Width: 17 mm
• Rim depth: Front 26 mm Rear 30 mm

• Front: 16 straight pull Aero Aluminium
• Rear: Two to One, Straight pull Aluminium Aero spokes: 7 left, 14 right

• Front: Carbon Fiber with aluminium flange
• Rear: Carbon Fiber with Oversized aluminium flange
• Available with Shimano/Sram- or Campagnolo-body
• USB Bearing technology

• Aluminium