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Fulcrum 33

Fulcrum produces popular road bike wheels and MTB wheels. And since it's a subsidiary of Campagnolo, you know you're dealing with quality wheelsets. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive aluminium mountain bike wheelset or lightweight and aerodynamic road bike wheels, Fulcrum has a wheelset for every need.
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Fulcrum Wind 40 DB Road Bike Wheels
From 795.90
RRP 1,223.70
Combi sale

Fulcrum RS-113 Freehub
RRP 69.99

Fulcrum RT-004 Bearing
RRP 33.20

Fulcrum R0-113 Freehub
RRP 75.20

Fulcrum Zero/1
From 11.20

Fulcrum Carbon
RRP 40.50

Fulcrum Racing 3 Spaakkit
RRP 14.80

Fulcrum R3-100 Bearing
RRP 53.30

Fulcrum Pawl spring MTB
RRP 11.30

Fulcrum BR-PEO500X
RRP 39.80


Fulcrum is just as successful as its parent company,Campagnolo. With an extremely competitive price/quality ratio, Fulcrum is a brand that does very well and looks great on many bikes. In addition, they offer a wide range, so riders have the luxury of choice. From light to heavy, training to racing, there is a Fulcrum wheel for every need.

Racing series

Fulcrum wheels can be classified under one common denominator: Racing. From entry-level to high-end model, everything falls under the Racing name. Smart and easy. To make it simple, the types of wheels are classified under the numbers 7 to 0. The entry-level model are classified under the number 7, whereas 0 stands for the high-end models. From 7 upwards, the wheels are improved in steps, mainly on weight and aerodynamics, ut the type of bearings also changes with the model number.

Mantel's collection

Almost all Fulcrum wheels can be found in Mantel's range. From the Racing 7 to the Zero Carbon, we are pleased to offer you a wide choice, so that you can enjoy many happy cycling kilometers.