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Cyclon 23

Cyclon is a brand for those who want to keep their bike clean and well-maintained. Degreasers, cleaners, carbon paste, polish, wax, and countless lubricants for every weather type – no matter how dirty your road bike or mtb is, with Cyclon products on your side you'll manage to clean it right up again. So no more excuses, get cleaning!
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Cyclon Bionet Degreaser
From 9.40
RRP 12.10
Green choice

Cyclon Assembly Paste
From 12.20
RRP 14.50

Cyclon Instant Polish Wax
From 7.70
RRP 10.20

Cyclon Wax Lube
From 2.60
RRP 3.90

Cyclon Bike Cleaner
From 8.70
RRP 11.20
Green choice

Cyclon All Weather Spray
From 4.30
RRP 6.50

Cyclon Brake Cleaner Spray
From 5.70
RRP 7.40

Cyclon Wet Lube
RRP 12.10
Autumn on your road bike

Cyclon Course Grease
RRP 12.10
Autumn on your road bike

Cyclon Brush Kit
RRP 32.50

Cyclon Bearing Grease
RRP 9.10

Cyclon Tyre Sealant
From 7.00
RRP 8.60

Cyclon Dry Weather Lube
From 2.60
RRP 4.10

Cyclon Wet Spray Lubricant
From 8.70
RRP 12.60
Autumn on your road bike

Cyclon Foam Cleaner
RRP 8.20
Green choice

Cyclon Mineral Brake Fluid
From 8.70
RRP 10.20

Cyclon Brake Fluid DOT 5.1
RRP 10.20