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FAQ: Mantel & Brexit

Due to uncertainties surrounding import duties and customs formalities, it is currently only possible to place orders with a total value (excluding shipping costs) of less than £135.

This means that all products costing more than £135 cannot be placed in the shopping cart. Additionally, if the value of your cart is over £135, the payment option will not appear.

This situation will remain the same until we get further clarity from the UK government and our shipping partners.

As and when new information becomes available regarding this situation we display any updates via the banner on the homepage of our website.

Can I split my order up into smaller orders?

Yes, if it concerns multiple products you can split your order, to keep your order below £135. However, each individual order will incur shipping costs.

I want to order a bundle/ combo product over £135, can I split it up?

Unfortunately not. Bundle products or combo deals cannot be split up. This includes products like groupsets.

I have an (XI) EORI number, can I use that to get exemption from the £135 order limit?

Our focus is Business-to-Customer (B2C) and not Business-to-Business (B2B). Our system therefore is not set up to apply (XI) EORI numbers to accounts or orders.

Are there extra import taxes or customs charges?

There are no import levies or additional customs charges on orders under £135. This means that you should not expect any additional charges when the parcel is delivered to your door.
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