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Safety & Privacy

When you visit our website, we recognise you as a unique visitor and keep track of your behaviour. For example, we check which pages you visit, which links you sound on, and which filters you use. We store this centrally, so that we can analyse all this in order to make our website even better.

We also use it to display your advertisements on our website or those of third parties that are relevant to you. This way you will not see a ladies shirt when you are a man. And no road bike tyres if you are just looking for mountain bike tyres.

We will of course treat your data with care. And if we involve third parties, we make sure they do too.

We will also use cookies to get to know you, as a customer, better. We have a special page that shows you which cookies there are. If you don’t want cookies, you can delete cookies and we won’t be able to see you as a unique visitor anymore. You will not receive personal advertisements.

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