Campagnolo Chorus H11 Disc Groupset

Campagnolo Chorus H11 Disc Groupset
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Shimano 105 R7020 Disc

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The Campagnolo Chorus H11 Disc groupset is a fantastic groupset in every way. The extremely crisp shift performance and equally impressive modulation and stopping power under all conditions is what make the Chorus H11 groupset so great. Only a few compromises when it comes to details and the overal finish, causing a slight penalty to weight, are what stand between the Chorus H11 groupset and the Record H11 groupset. Other than that, you get to enjoy the same stopping power and shift performance since the shifters and calipers are identical in all Campagnolo Disc groupsets. The rest of the components come from the regular mechanical Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed groupset. The brake calipers have been developed in cooperation with Magura, one of the big names in the world of mountain biking.


Campagnolo H11 Disc Shifters/Brakes
Italian passion combined with a dash of German engineering. With the Campagnolo H11 Disc line, Campa has at long last entered the market of bicycles with disc brakes. H11 Disc components have been designed in cooperation with Magura. The components can be paired to Chorus, Record, and Super Record groupsets. Campagnolo only ever releases components with the "Campagnolo Corretto" certificate. The Campagnolo H11 Disc Shifters/Brakes are parts which have passed Campagnolo's stringent testing with flying colours. The technologies incorporated into the parts ensure extreme precision, reliability, and safety.

The Ergopower Shifters of the H11 groupset are 8 mm taller than the existing rim brake version, though this doesn't show at first glance. The shifter houses the Ultra-Shift mechanism: up three gears or down five in just a single shift. The shift experience is identical to the rim brake version. The double curve in the brake lever ensures you can quickly get to the brakes from every position on the bars, ensuring optimal safety. The H11 shifters are also fitted with a slight outward flare in keeping with modern road bike handlebar design.
• Completely new internal design for hydraulic brakes
• Adjustable Modulation System to adjust the level of free throw on the lever
• Non-toxic, environmentally friendly mineral oil

H11 Crankset
The Campagnolo H11 Ultra-Torque crankset has been specifically designed for bikes with a rear drop-out spacing of 142 mm. This H11 Ultra Torque crankset corrects the chainline by 2.5 mm outwards without negatively impacting the Q-factor. This allows the chain to move across the range of the cassette better, thereby improving both shift performance and durability.

The BCD of the cranks has been standardised. In other words, you can fit all the regular combinations of chainrings to the same cranks (50-34, 52-36, 53-39). This means you can go from a double to a compact crankset without having to buy new cranks. The XPSS (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) chainrings provide the most effective and efficient system ever, with the quickest and most precise shifts even under load. You notice with your first shift: precise, fast, and with no hesitation. Thanks to the design of the XPSS chainrings, shifting is no longer an issue even under the most extreme circumstances.

High quality Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed chain, meeting the highest quality- and performance demands by Campagnolo. Combine with the Ultra-Drive cassettes to achieve the best possible shift performance.
• NI-PTFE anti-friction coating
• Width: 5,5 mm
• Weight: 255 grams
• At least 112 links

Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed cassette for quiet and smooth gear changes. The lightweight aluminium spider keeps the weight down without sacrificing performance. The 11 steel cogs with nickle-chrome finish ensure a longer service life.
• 11 steel cogs with a nickle/aluminium finish
• Lightweight aluminium spider
• Ultra Drive
• Lock ring included
• Weight: 236 grams

Front derailleur
The Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed front derailleur is suitable for compact and double cranksets. The front derailleur has a newly designed lightweight alloy cage which ensures fast, accurate, and above all silent gear shifts.
• Anti-friction insert
• Capacity: 16T
• Largest possible chainring: 55T
• Smallest possible chainring: 34T
• Weight: 76 grams
* weighed by Mantel

H11 Rear derailleur
The Campagnolo Chorus H11 rear derailleur has a new design and has been further optimised to work with the hydraulic groupset.
• Redesigned upper section
• Techno polymer reinforced with carbon
• Upper jockey wheel with raised teeth
• Lower jockey wheel with more rounded teeth

Delivery includes

• Campagnolo H11 Disc shifters
- Calipers + brake lines (filled)
- Inner- and outer derailleur cables
• Campagnolo H11 Ultra-Torque crankset
• Campagnolo Chorus 11 Speed chain
• Campagnolo Chorus 11 Speed cassette
• Campagnolo Chorus 11s Front derailleur
• Campagnolo Chorus H11 Rear derailleur (medium cage with an 11-32 cassette)
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Number of gears 11 speed 11 speed 11 speed
Brake Type Disc Flat Mount Disc Flat Mount Disc Flat Mount
Crank Ratio 50 / 34 / 52 / 36 / 53 / 39 50 / 34 / 52 / 36 / 53 / 39 50 / 34 / 52 / 36 / 53 / 39
Crank Length 170 mm / 172.5 mm / 175 mm 170 mm / 172.5 mm / 175 mm 170 mm / 172.5 mm / 175 mm
Cassette Ratio 11 / 23 / 11 / 25 / 11 / 29 / 11 / 32 / 12 / 25 / 12 / 27 / 12 / 29 11 / 28 / 11 / 30 / 11 / 32 / 11 / 34 / 12 / 25 11 / 30 / 11 / 32
Shifting Type Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
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