Brake & Shifter Cables

Brake cables, shifter cables, hydraulic brake hoses as well as Di2 all wear out due to frequent use. In order to optimally maintain your road or mountain bike, you need to regularly check your cables and replace them if they start showing signs of wear. We have all possible cables, hoses, and small parts such as end caps, cable caps, cable stops, and other necessities allowing you to do your own bike maintenance, regardless of whether you have an electronic or mechanical groupset.
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Jagwire 2x Pro Shift
36.20 24.70

Shimano Race Shifter
11.80 7.30

Trivio Race / MTB Shift
12.20 10.90

SRAM Slickwire Shift
34.40 25.60

Jagwire 1X Pro Shift
18.10 13.70

Jagwire Slick-Lube Liner
10.80 9.10

Jagwire 2x Sport Shift
14.90 13.70