BBB Cycling Select Cycling Glasses

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BBB Cycling Select BBB Cycling Impress PH Reader BBB Cycling Impress Reader Tifosi Dolomite 2.0
BBB Cycling Select BBB Cycling Impress PH Reader BBB Cycling Impress Reader Tifosi Dolomite 2.0

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18 reviews

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2 reviews
Suitable for people with glasses No Yes Yes
What type of conditions do you usually ride in? Sunny days Changeable conditions Sunny days Sunny days
Lens type Standard Fotochromatic Standard Standard
Frame colour Red / White / Black Black Black Gloss Black / Pearl White / Matt Black
Type Frame Half frame Half frame Half frame Full frame
Number of lenses 3 lenses 1 lens 2 lenses 3 lenses
£61.30 £61.30 £43.80 £47.69
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M.m., 16 September 2015


Fijne makkelijke super bril! Ga er bijna sneller door fietsen! ;p

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Martijn, 16 June 2015

bril draagt lekker licht, krasbestendige glazen

Detailed product description

A 9-layer coating provides the MLC lenses their famous clearness and contrast for the best view in clear weather conditions. MLC glasses comes with additional yellow and clear lenses for optimal flexibility under changing light conditions.

The BBB Cycling basic lenses in basic quality. The performance is comparable with the MLC lenses. The natural tinted colours are perfect for people who prefer a more understated look. All of the PC equipped sports glasses are delivered with extra yellow and transparent PC lenses for an optimal adaption to changing light conditions.

100% UV
These glasses are fitted with lenses that provide 100% protection against UV-radiation.

Face Comfort
Flexible glass leg rubbers and an adjustable nosepiece ensure a perfect fit.

Grilamid EMS
BBB Cycling glasses are made out of Grilamid TR90. This is a lightweight and flexible material, for durability and a high comfort level. Has several properties such as a high heat reshape temperature, a good bending strength and high breakage resistance.

Antislip rubber nosepiece: keeps your sports glasses at the right position without any pressure points.

Sports glasses with interchangable lenses. Yellow and transparent lenses are delivered with these glasses. Including luxurious storage box.

Manufacturer specifications

• Variation of lenses and leg rubbers are available separately
• The round shape of the BBB Select glasses provide optimal protection against sunlight, wind and dust
• Sports glasses with interchangeable polycarbonate lenses
• High quality Grilamid frame with adjustable rubber nose piece
• The BBB Select provides 100% UV protection

Customer Service

020 3695 9922