BBB Cycling BBS-23

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Pros & Cons

  • Tangible stopping power due to the innovative build of the brake pad.
  • Mud, sand, and other dirt won't stick due to the open structure.


Brand BBB Cycling
Brake Surface MaterialAluminium
Number of brake pads2 Pairs
All specifications


The BBB Cycling BBS-23 brake pads are high-grade brake pads that provide tangible stopping power. In addition, the open profile ensures mud, sand, and other dirt won't stick, further increasing the lifespan and stopping power.

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Suitable for Shimano / Sram / Campagnolo Shimano Shimano / Sram Shimano / Sram / Campagnolo
Brake Surface Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Number of brake pads 2 Pairs 2 Pairs / 4 Pairs 1 Pair / 2 Pairs 2 Pairs
Colour Black Black Black Black
8.40 From 8.95 From 6.80 7.60
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8 / 10

Witze, 4 November 2019

Goeie remblokken

Goeie remkracht en makkelijk te installeren op sram velgremmen


  • goede remkracht
  • komt met vijsjes
  • past perfect op sram

All specifications

Additional information

BBS-23 is suited for:
• BBB CrossStop (BBS-11T)
• BBB TechStop (BBS-22HP/22T)
• Shimano rim brakes
• SRAM rim brakes
• Campagnolo Potenza & Centaur 11-speed

BBS-23C is suited for:
• BBB TechStop (BBS-22CHP/22CT)
• Campagnolo Record, Chorus, Centaur 10-speed and Veloce.