Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 Bib Short

Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 Bib Short
5 reviews
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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • The ideal cycling short for the spring and autumn because the used materials ensure that you are well protected against the cold.
  • The windproof crotch provides adequate protection when there is a cold wind blowing.
  • Assos works with XLG and TIR sizes: Size XLG is XL but with longer legs, TIR is XLG but with a wider circumference.
  • This bib short is equipped with special seams that reduce weight and are very durable.
  • Less suitable for cycling in wet conditions as this cycling short has no water-repellent qualities.
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Ride Duration
+120 minutes
Yes / Front



The Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 bib short is the ideal cycling legwear for the cooler spring and autumn days, when a long tight is still too warm but a summer short lets the cold wind get to you. That is the perfect time for this bib short! As the crotch is windproof, this vulnerable area remains well protected when there is a cold biting wind. The fabric of the short itself is also slightly thicker and provides more warmth than that of a regular short worn in summer. The side panels are made of Osmos Heavy material, a technical fabric that gives you two additional advantages. It is brushed, which not only feels extremely soft but also provides an extra insulating layer. And this fabric provides light compression for good muscle support during cycling so that you don't tire easily.

The seat pad used in this short is intended for the competitive cyclist. While the kraterCooler ventilation openings in the front have been left out, the pad does feature Assos' patented 'goldenGate technology', of course, which ensures the best possible fit and makes this chamois best suited to medium-distance cycling.


A-Lock Engineering
S9 racingFit system with new textiles and technologies that work together to stabilise the cycling short and keep the chamois in place.

Osmos Heavy
This warp-knit material is a very important textile which is also one of the heaviest in Assos' Osmos family, 290 g/m2. It features asymmetric stretch and a soft, durable construction. The high degree of insulation is due to the brushed surface on the inside.

Sphere Ultra
This is a patented 2L windproof, waterproof and extremely breathable softshell, made with a PU-bonded membrane for additional water repellency. The result is maximum insulation with minimum fabric.

A patented principle that, thanks to the bib straps, keeps the seat pad perfectly in place as you shift your weight from right to left in the bends. This principle is similar to the function of the stabiliser bar in racing cars.

This is a square pattern construction that frames the chamois at the back and encloses it to create additional stability.

Butterfly Pattern
This refers to the main textile panel that fully covers the lower back and legs. A reduced number of seams results in a more uniform compression, reduced weight and increased comfort.

Carbon Xbib
One-piece elastic material that is folded to form a supportive A-frame that limits vertical stretch at the back. Above the X-joint a more flexible material is used which contains antibacterial properties, manages moisture and remains flat at the front.

Ultralight Leg Grippers
The new lycra/elastane structure is woven into the straps and wraps the thighs. The result is soft, ultra-light compression. No silicone treatment is required.

EQUIPE RS Insert (no krater)
Competition worthy elastic chamois in 3D basalt colour. It does not feature the kraterCooler ventilation openings at the front.

SuperAir microShock foam
This is a lightweight open-cell foam with a shock absorbing composition. The foam returns to its original position and fills the gap each time the position in the saddle changes due to weight shift.

Assos Waffle/3D-Waffle
This is a patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.

Assos goldenGate
This is a patented technology that interrupts the stitching along both side panels of the chamois. This allows for more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this specific and sensitive area.

Horizontal Stabilizer
A patented central stitch that attaches the back of the chamois to the outer fabric to prevent the chamois moving when you step on the pedals.

Frequently asked questions

What does Assos mean with their sizes XLG and TIR?
XLG is the same size as XL but with longer legs or sleeves.
TIR is the XLG size but with a wider hip and thigh circumference.
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Most relevant reviews

5 / 5

Great fit.

- Petri 5 October 2021

Feels like top quality, and surprisingly warm. Prefect snug fit with great support, size L for 184 cm / 79 kg.

Pros & Cons

Perfect fit

4 / 5

Top kwaliteit en zit gegoten

- Gurkan 6 December 2021

Ik gebruik deze broek met heel veel plezier. Compressie, zeem blijft op de plek waar het moet zitten. Top kwaliteit lijn van Assos

Pros & Cons

Fijne zeem
Sluit goed aan
Warm genoeg voor de herfst en zelfs begin winter
Niet geschikt als je te fors bent

5 / 5

Teuer aber sehr gut

- Rainer 27 November 2021

Bestens geeignet bei Temperaturen unter 20 grad.

Pros & Cons

Sitzt perfekt
Am Rücken nicht so warm wie beim Vorgänger

5 / 5

Fantastische bib short voor de frissere dagen

- Maurice 23 September 2021

Deze broek zit niet alleen fantastisch, hij is ook heel aangenaam om te dragen tijdens de voor- en najaarsdagen, waarin de temperatuur (vooral 's ochtends) een stuk lager is dan in de zomer. Daarnaast had Mantel een super scherpe aanbieding voor deze broek

Pros & Cons

Vertrouwde Assos kwaliteit
Zit als gegoten

5 / 5

Top product!

- Thomas 15 August 2021

Een van mij favoriete kledingstukken in m’n kast!! Broek die ik draag tot een graad of 20. Stevig, sluit goed aan, comfortabel en warm! Met beenstukken tot laat in het najaar. En onder een winterbroek (zonder zeem) de hele winter lang!!

Pros & Cons

Zeem is top

Recommended by the product specialist

Recommended by the product specialist

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