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Squirt E-Bike Wax

Squirt E-Bike Wax
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4 / 5

Long lasting wax, just give your chain some extra attention in wet weather conditions.

- Tymen, 10 December, 2022

Great stuff, bet as the other "normal" Squirt lube (blue jar) which I frequently use on the road bike. Disadvantage remains It washes away very quickly in rain/wet road surfaces; for example, chain treated the day before and still completely washed away the next day after 32km of commuting in rain. Usually you don't cycle in the rain very often; then the stuff stays on just fine for a few rides. Well, for all the benefits of wax, it just takes a little more attention to keep your chain properly lubricated. Another tip for the winter months: since the stuff doesn't flow as well in cold temperatures, put it in a baby food bottle warmer for a while. When it's warm it flows perfectly between the rollers in your chain :)

Pros & Cons

Seems to last slightly longer than the blue Squirt
Stays on well in dry/slightly damp weather
Still goes away very quickly with rain
With commuting bike you go through a jar quickly
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4 / 5

Ideal for mtb in the muck

- Rik, 25 January, 2021

Works better than Squirt Dry lube when very wet. Fine to use interchangeably.

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